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In the Beginning . . .

Ever wondered how our league name came about? Here, evil_twin tells the the story:

Saturday, July 2, 2005. Cooperstown, NY. On the first of our now annual tours, chazzzzzz, eagle61, jrnyfan01 and myself are at the Baseball Hall of Fame. While there, we partake in a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" style trivia exhibition. As someone who freely admits to knowing his stuff when it comes to all things sporting and trivial, I find myself on stage, where I charge through the first eight questions with reported smugness. The final question, "Who led the NL in ERA in 1974: A - Buzz Capra, B - Phil Niekro, C - Jon Matlack, D - Tom Seaver. I somehow take the easy way out and take Seaver, only to my horror, seconds later, to be looking at a picture of one Lee William Capra. I did not take this well as my fellow travellers will attest. Soon afterward, launched Hardball Dynasty. When it was decided that our merry band should create a private world, it was clear who …

5 Questions with evil_twin

evil_twin is finishing his fourth season in HBD, all in Capra, although in two different stints. e_t was one of Capra's original owners with the San Juan Rumrunners(currently the Richmond Confederates), then took a break after S3 and returned for S8 with the Buffalo Hunters. And while e_t has yet to finish above .500 in Capra, who knows what glories have been bestowed upon him under is original WIS moniker(see question 1). After all, he has played every game WIS has to offer, a sign of a true renaissance man.

1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports?
Not much of a story really, I'd been active under another username (classified, as I do on rare occasion use it) when I decided to take on a second team to get a theme league off the ground. This second persona of course, was my other nick's evil twin.I first found the site via a link on when I was looking for something different from your usual fantasy baseball. I'd say I…

On Blogging

It's been roughly a month since there's been any activity here(not accidentally, this coincided with the end of the semester for me), but it's high time to get this dog walking again. One of the blocks for me during this month has been the sense that to post new material, I should have something good or feature-length, and this has led to more delays, of course. So in the interest of offering more consistent activity on here, I will be posting shorter and quicker pieces that won't always offer the depth, but will keep the dialogue going.

And I would like to encourage others in the league to continue posting new material as much as possible. If you're not currently signed up to post, let me know(and include your email addy) and we'll get you hooked up.

S8 1st Half Review-Offense

C/1B Peter Mitchell was signed by Colorado for a paltry 2.8M halfway through spring training, when he got no love during the free-agency signing period. And while Colorado has certainly struggled in the thin air, it's no fault of Mitchell, who is leading all hitters with both his .386 avg and .476 obp.

Fargo's $10M dollar man, Ringo Weston, has had many fine seasons, but nothing close to the nightmare he's been for pitchers this season at .374/.445/.538.

Jackson's former top draft pick Al Maurer has also taken his game to a new level. He's currently at .373/.448/.698 and after going yard 34 times last season, he's already dropped 28 bombs in only 81 games during the current campaign. Maurer also leads the league in OPS at 1.146.

Speaking of dingers, Albuquerque's young one-sacker, Pablo Vincente, is leading the way with 33 first-half homeruns. He hit 44 in his rookie campaign last season. Vincente also leads the league with 102 RBIs.

There are three players tha…

S8 1st Half Review-Teams

Not too many surprises thus far in the Senior Circuit. Fargo continues to dominate the regular season with 61 wins at the halfway point. Anaheim and Atlanta are again pacing their respective divisions. The entire NL South, however, has been in a funk with no team playing better than .465 ball, and none worse than .417. This division battle may go down to the final games if no team kicks it in.

There are some teams showing great improvement, though. The Vancouver Maintaineers, who have never finished over .500, are tied for second in the NL West and should be in the thick of the playoff hunt. The Tacoma Typhoon are also hovering around .550 and should figure into the wildcard chase. typhoon26 is doing a quick rebuild job in the Pacific Northwest in only his second season.

Over in the Junior Circuit, Montreal, Jackson, and Alburquerque are all in first and looking to continue their string of divisions titles. In the AL East, San Juan's run of 4 straight flags is in jeopardy with Bosto…

5 Questions with castrojr

castrojr, of course, has captured more Capra Championship tropies(3) than anyone else. And while it may be easy to downplay his success as the luck of the Brett Tracy draw, the fact is that castrojr has a long history of success on WIS. In SIM baseball his teams have made the playoffs at roughly 50%. In SIM Hockey his teams have postseason work almost 75% of the time. And, of course, his Woodchippers are playofff contenders at 100%, having never finished a season at less than .623.

1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports? I found the site through an ad on, and signed up for a sim hockey team, who got 97 points on the backs of Joe Thornton, Al Secord, and Bill Fairbairn (who is the father of a close friend of mine). I then played one baseball season after, and then a few months later I joined a baseball progressive league (the Lifetime of Fantasy Baseball) and was hooked.I honestly don't remember when I started using my…