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Milestone Radar

After 15 seasons, might be a good time to see what legends in the making are reaching, or now have in pocket, some big-time digits. Baseball is, after all, a game for geeks to think about numbers. So chew on this:
Evan Moore needs 812 official At Bats to reach 10,000. He's 36 and not under contract for S17. May not happen. However, Moore is just 77 hits shy of being the first Capra-ite to cross the 3,000 barrier. Almost a cinch to happen this season.
Minnesota's Rudy Lombardi is 40 round trippers shy of 700, but after kissing it goodbye just 15 times last season, the 35 year-old will likely run out of gas before entering Aaron and Ruth country(take that, Barry).
He holds virtually every all-time pitching record in Capra, and Brett Tracy is also just 23 Quality Starts shy of 400. No one else has as many as 250. Tracy also needs 18 wins to reach 300. With two more years on his contract, this should be no problem.
Last season David Wanatabe surpassed Nerio Miller to become the all-…

Maintaineers S16 Preview

No, son, Season 15 wasn’t the year for Vancouver. It was however, a historic year for the franchise as the first ever division title. I fully expected the World Series winner to come from the NL West but our friends in the AL did not cooperate.So what happened in the playoffs? Maybe I over managed the pitching rotation by looking too much at home and away records which moved my ace to the third start of the series. That may have put too much stress on the 22 year old hurlers who started game one and two. The bigger disappointment was lack of hitting, for a team that lead the league in runs scored. So hats off to the pitching that stopped my hitters.It is not surprising that this is my best rotation ever. I had four starters win between 13 and 16 games each and the fifth spot was over .500. The bull pen converted 55 of 68 save opportunities. Nunez allowed zero of thirty-three inherited runners to score! All that success brought pitching coach Brian Peterson a $1.3M raise. Go…