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Weekly Roundup 1/29/11 (NL)

Around the League (NL)

Minnesota has already signed 8 IFA's this season, including SS Juan Feliz... NL North is looking like it will be a bruiser this season, with Pittsburg, NY and Minnesota already reaching 10 wins... Several teams are waiting impatiently for 20 minor league games to be played so they can call up some youngsters while gaining a year in arbitration eligibility... All-time CAPRA great Brett Tracy finally hung 'em up.

Who's Hot

Little Rock has come out of the gate with a vengeance. They are second in the league in both .OPS and ERA. If they keep this up, the Travelers may run away with their division... And no surprise to anyone, Anaheim is sitting comfortably atop the NL West.

Speaking of the Anteaters, Al Perez is crushing the ball (1.239 OPS) and is among the league leaders in several offensive categories... Sicilians Buzz Andrews is doing his best Brett Tracy impersonation (0.43 ERA)... and Seattle's Che Hasegawa is liking the NL so far (zero runs allow…

Seattle Picards S19 Preview

Season 19 NL West preview

The World Champion Anaheim Anteaters are still loaded for the season 19 campaign.In season 18 they were number one in ERA and fielding percentage and 6th in runs scored.Set up man Julian Furcal was lost to free agency, who will replace his 117 IP?Expect to see AAA starter Al Lima in the rotation with Mitch Johnson going to the pen.3B Julio Martin left via free agency.Will Al Cedeno replace him or will Paul Feng move from 2B to free up a roster spot for Anthony Clinton.How much longer can Sid Watson be an elite closer?Will the loss of Groucho Lesher as fielding coach cost a few wins?The Seattle Picards had 100 wins in Season 18, second in the NL in runs scored and ERA.Che Hasegawa arrived via trade, is he ready from prime time?Is the promotion of bench coach Fred Huckaby an improvement over the departed Wilfredo Martin?Paul Dong tested the free agent waters and was re-signed.Expect AAA phenom Aramis Granados to find a spot in the ML roster.The Vancouver Maintaineers made it to the NLCS…

A Look at S19’s HOF Nominees

The following are my views on this season’s nominees. I’ve put them in 5 categories: No Doubt, Good Chance, Borderline, Short Career, and No Chance. The thing I noticed most is how hard it is to narrow down your last couple of votes.There are many deserving candidates, and it’s very hard to differentiate between them.No Doubt
Al Ontiveros – 598 HR and a .965 OPS from a SS. Add 5 Silver Sluggers and 6 All Stars, and despite inflated stats in San Juan he should be a lock.Dennys Yamakazi – The numbers might not be staggering, with 190-133 W-L and a 3.89 ERA, but this was the best pitcher not named Tracy in the early years of the league.3 CYA and 6 All Stars tell part of the story.Being 5th all-time in IP and 2nd in K’s, and putting up those numbers in the AL tell more.Henry Menechino – Others might find his career too short, but 500 HR and a 1.054 OPS are enough for me, even from a 1B.Not to mention his back-to-back 80 HR campaigns.Don’t forget he’s an MVP with 2 Gold Gloves as well.Good …

Season 19 AL Preview

A lot of the big name free agent signings saw AL studs move to the NL, including Jorel McGlinchy and Darren Owens to Minnesota, Preston Keller and Deacon Philips to Louisville, and Rudy Hayes to Atlanta. Very few Type A Free Agents moved from the NL to AL. Only the Martin McCartney signing in Madison broke up a shutout.

AL North
Cincinnati Roses (94-68)
Ariel Cortez anchors a pitching staff has been the strength of the team, but the loss of Preston Keller might be tough to overcome. Top teams excel on both offense and defense and the Roses will be counting on Season 18 co-MVP Damaso Colome and the continued emergence of Coco Hentgen in order to try to keep their offense in the Top 10 in scoring. The loss of Rudy Hayes is going to be troublesome. Small steps back on both offense and pitching will cause the team to regress.

Ottawa Ice (88-74)
Ottawa filled a key void with by signing Willie Bacsik. They are still slightly above average in run scoring and run prevention. The decline of

Monterrey Season 19 Preview

After seven consecutive division titles, including four straight since management changed after season 14, expectations are high again in Monterrey. Here's how the defending AL champions line up for this year:

C: Ralph Daniels returns to help cement his place as one of the top offensive catchers in the league after hitting .325/.378/.640 last year. He'll be spelled by rookie defensive wizard Orlando Javier.
1B: Four-time American League MVP Darren Owens got $80 million to head into the frozen north, which makes room for experimentation. Former Ottawa DH Don Bonilla, utility man Seth Knowles, and rookie Juan Brogna will battle it out for the starting nod.
2B: Sparkplug Julian Colome was signed to play center field in midyear last season in the wake of Alfonso Cortez' injury. He's been brought back this year, and will move to 2B to replace the disappointing Crash Durocher.
SS: Three-time All-Star Alfonso Cortez returns for another season, providing punch at a traditionally d…

In the Dynasty Cycle

All Dynasty teams go through a cycle of boom and bust. Young, cost-controlled players win games for rising teams. Expensive veterans win titles for veteran teams. Overpaid veterans drag losers into mediocrity.
So, I took the win totals and salary totals from every team from Capra for the past two years, calculated each teams' standard deviations from the mean for wins, salary and wins per dollar of salary.
Each team was then categorized upon where they wound up. The categories and descriptions are below. Teams were assigned to a month of year to demonstate where they were in the dynasty cycle: teams rise in spring, mature in summer, grow old in fall, and are moribund in winter.
June These are teams that are winning more than average, getting more bang for their buck than average but whose total salary is below average. These are the teams in their prime. June teams should win now and win in the future.
Helena, Minnesota, Syracuse, Little Rock and Anaheim.

August These are teams …

85 and Over Club, Part II

This is a sequel to the original entry, 85 and over in Season 7.
I've always assumed there was ratings inflation, so it was interesting to see that there were 24 players that were 85 and over, very similar to the 22 of Season 7.
I'll update if I missed anyone. Please tell me.
TeamPlayerRankingPositionAnaheim AnteatersAl Perez87 (RF)Atlanta AcesRudy Hayes90 (LF)Atlanta AcesLouie Hayes88 (2B)Cleveland SpidersMichael Dransfeldt90 (3B)Cleveland SpidersEnrique Astacio98 (SS)El Paso SunsGeraldo Johnson87 (SS)El Paso SunsBob Wallace85 (SS)Helena Howling SukebeEsteban Abreu85 (3B)Jackson RageBruce Dellucci89 (SP)Jacksonville StoneWallersVictor Lee85 (SS)Louisville RedbirdsDon Barnes92 (CF)Louisville RedbirdsAntonio Martin85 (SP)Madison Mad DogsBruce Kent87 (LF)Minnesota North StarsDmitri Stafford85 (CF)Monterrey CampeónesAlfonso Cortez87 (SS)New York YanksTrenidad Meadows85 (CF)Pittsburgh TyphoonWesley Smith93 (SS)Pittsburgh TyphoonChristian Grim86 (SP)San Jose LongballersDaryle Young

Player Profile: Luis Herrera

Luis HerreraCleveland SpidersAge: 35B/T: S/LBorn: Colon, PAPosition(s): P (SP2)
Luis Herrera is the very picture of a successful major league pitcher. He is a Cy Young winner and a 2-time All-Star. He is a 20-game winner. He has won 6 post season games and holds the Capra record for most wins by a pitcher from Panama with 146. (San Jose reliever Tomas Ramirez is second with 27). He has the adulation of his Panamanian countrymen and close to $70M in career earnings. Fellow Panamanian and Anaheim third baseman Al Cedeno says:
"In the last few years, Luis Herrera has become to Panama what Dennis Martinez is to Nicaragua. More than a legend, he is an idol. Men are afraid to name their children Luis for fear of the crushing expectations that will be placed upon them."
Life is good for Luis Herrera, but it hasn't always been like that.
Luis Herrera was signed by the Montreal Royales as an International Free Agent from Colon, Panama for $6.3M in Season 2. With very good co…