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Season 48 Preseason Predictions

Provided by bigtuna5 and bbartel

American League Predictions16. Austin-Zmeisel is doing a nice job giving this franchise some direction but this was always a multi-year rebuild.15. Sioux Falls-Cricket did a nice job setting up this franchise for the future and the lineup is pretty solid but the pitchers are still in the minors.14. Cleveland- dcbove is in the process and building a monster again but most of the prospects will stay in the minors this year.13. Burlington-On to the rebuilding teams. Burlington takes a jump forward with veterans like the signing of Matos and trade for Flier while the prospects continue to come up12. Huntington-Formerly Columbus team which pitching staff will show up this year. The season 46 staff that led them to the division title or season 47 with almost the same staff that gave up 200 runs more. Moving to hitters park in Huntington makes me vote for 47 but could go either way.11. Chicago-Transitioning team that felt the loss of Zumaya last year and Bradf…
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Capra World Buzz Podcast: Season 47

We recorded before the rollover, we apologize if anything is outdated. Any and all complaints about that can be sent to me. All other complaints and awful trade requests can be sent to khendrickson. Go Red Wolfs. Click Read More (Bottom Right) to open the post to reveal the audio player.

Hall of Fame Career Standards Test by Bill James

Hall of Fame Career Standards TestThese are metrics designed by Bill James to measure how likely a player is to get into the HOF, and not necessarily how good they were. This test gives a score of 50 for an average Hall of Famer, with 100 as the max. It is used to measure the overall quality of a player's career.  The metric uses a one-point addition scale based on career cumulative and rate stats. The all-time leader in batting points is Babe Ruth at 78 and Christy Mathewson leads in pitching points at 84.

Batting Statistics One point for each 150 hits above 1500, limit 10.One point for each .005 of batting average above .275, limit 9One point for batting over .300One point for each 100 runs over 900, limit 8.One point for scoring more than .500 runs per game.One point for scoring more than .644 runs per game.One point for each 100 rbi's over 800, limit 8.One point for driving in more than .500 runs per game.One point for driving in more than .600 runs per game.One point for e…

HBD Ballpark Factors

Ballpark effects are ranked on a scale from - 4 to + 4, based on their impact on hits (1B), doubles (2B), triples (3B), home runs to left field (HR LF) and home runs to right field (HR RF). The more negative or positive number, the more extreme the effect for that hit in that direction. These numbers are just indicators of the relative effect in the simulation engine. They are important for users and founded entirely on historical fact, but are meant for display purposes and not explicitly used in the simulation engine.

City/StateBallparkCapacity1B2B3BLFRFPFDivision Albuquerque (New Mexico)Isotopes Park11,124444101.211West Anaheim (California)Angel Stadium45,0500-2-2000.951West Atlanta (Georgia)Turner Field50,062-1-10110.950South, East Arizona (Arizona)Chase Field48,700013011.050West Augusta (Maine)Noes Field7,500-2-2-30-10.904North, East Austin (Texas)Dell Diamond8,800222011.072South Baltimore (Maryland)Oriole Park at Camden Yards48,2621-3-2110.956East Boise (Idaho)Memorial Stadium4,…