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Here’s my take on this season’s HOF nominees. Some tough choices this year, with no “inner circle” HOFers retiring this year.

No Doubt
Pablo Vincente – I don’t get the reluctance to put Vincente in. He’s clearly superior in almost every way to Colome, and is certainly one of the top 10 offensive players in the history of the league. He hit .305/.393/.603 (.996). 667 HR (7th all-time), 1927 RBI (5th all-time) 1591 R (11th all-time).Won an MVP, went to 6 all-star games, and won 2 silver sluggers.Combines the great peak with excellent longevity, and gets my nod.
Kelly Grace – The best pitcher on the list this season, Grace went 213-143 (.598). He won a CYA, went to 6 AS games, and finished with a 1.22 WHIP and a 3.52 ERA, half in the NL, half in the AL. Great longevity with 3294 IP.
Kevin Myers – The sort of pitcher who only exists in HBD, and the first of this type to truly deserve the HOF. Averaged 140 relief IP per season during his peak, and had a career ERA of 2.62 over 1800 IP. Went t…