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Season 25 HOF rundown

Here’s my take on this season’s HOF nominees. We finally inducted a few last year, but there are still plenty of eligible candidates!Look at my “borderline” list, and you’ll see a bunch of guys that would be no-doubt HOFers in the real world.Gives some perspective on how hard it is to pitch in this league.
No Doubt
Darren Owens – The career HR leader at 788..310/.409/.631/1.040.2000+ RBIs. 5-time MVP!!!!!!No doubt whatsoever.
Pablo Vincente – Finally a 1B who stands out of the crowd! He hit .305/.393/.603 (.996) with 667 HR.5th all-time with 1927 RBI (for perspective, here is the list: Owens, Harper, Lombardi, Glynn, Vincente).Won an MVP, went to 6 all-star games, and won 2 silver sluggers.Combines the great peak with excellent longevity, and gets my nod.
Good chance
Jorel McGlinchy – A tough call, not an amazing offensive player, though respectable with over 500 2Bs, 200 SBs and an .812 career OPS.But an absolutely incredible defensive force, winning 10 GGs at CF and going to 8 All Star g…