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Excuses, Excuses

Actually having some time to write and putting off grading final exams were two really good reasons to get back into the groove of contributing to the Capra weblog. Little did I expect that writer's block would be my nemesis. I looked back at some older articles and thought about doing an update on some of them or just the S11 version of the same thing, but those looked like too much work. Instead, just about five minutes ago I came up with

Fargo's Obituary

The Fargo Woodchippers, aged ten seasons, were officially declared dead by the Powers That Be at 9:52 pm on the seventeenth of December, 2008. Their death was a slow, gradual decline from the peak of perfection into listlessness and later abandonment by their caregiver, known fondly as Brett. These things do happen, as intangibles such as “real life” and “wow, this takes up way too much time” have reclaimed the lives of several others whom we have all come to know and love. Symptoms of the Real Life disease first began in the ninth season when Fargo lasted almost a month without its helmsman. Although this franchise's demise has been such a tragedy, this obituary will focus the rest of its space on the accomplishments of a true Hardball Dynasty. In Fargo's first nine seasons, the team won at least 101 games every year, finishing in first place in the National League's North Division and the entire National League each season as well. In most of those seasons, Fargo wa…

On Fielding Coaches

info courtesy of crickett13.

-this is Matt's first ticket to admin:
Never saw this happen before. Capra has 12 Fielding coach vacancies and only 8 coaches available with a fielding rating over 60. Why would that happen? Should that ever happen? It seems like fielding coaches retire but new ones are never generated. This will really have a very negative impact on some teams.

admin's response:
12/29/2008 7:42 AM Customer Support

Keep in mind that a rating of 50 is average. So, it won't be detrimental to a player's development if you have a coach with an average rating. The reason that this happens is because coaches retire out of the system, they get replenished every season if necessary with either retired player's or they are created.

Matt's response to admin's response:
12/29/2008 2:35 PM crickett13

Perhaps the fielding coaches should be handled a bit differently than other coaches since they can not be developed in the minor leagues. Even if you hire a n…