15 November 2008

Approaching the 3/4 Mark

The big development in the National League is Fargo's apparent descent from dominant into simply competitive. With 9 straight seasons over .620, the Woodchippers are on pace for a .518 year. The 'Chippers' biggest challenges have been Brett Tracy missing the first 1/3 of the season to elbow tendinitis and the aging of stalwart arms Diego Ozuna(8-10, 5.21) and Tyler Henderson(0-6, 6.40). Are we seeing the end of Capra's and maybe HBD's biggest dynasty thus far?

Hail to returning and new owners: in his return to Capra after a 5 year layoff, robocoach has taken a perennially last place team into a current tie for first in the NL South. In the AL South, canadadry, in hist 1st season in Capra, has the Juggernauts in the thick of a tight race with the highly decorated Montgomery and Jackson franchises. And in his first year manning the Fresno Force(formerly Colorado) bballc has this squad on pace for its first over .500 season since S1.

The defending champion Scranton Breakers have been on autopilot most of the seasaon as their owner(crickett13) has dealt with some challenges in his personal schedule, yet have the 2nd best record in the league at .626.

Of the top 50 players chosen in the amateur draft, only one has not and will not sign: yours truly pissed away pick #47 on Nicholas Gryboski.

Most Decorated Pitcher in HBD History?

A current thread in the HBD forum asks the above question. The previous pitchers listed were certainly strong candidates, but, of course, none of them can keep pace with Mr. Tracy. Will there be a new entry who has completed 10 seasons and can beat Brett?