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Capra Season 31 Preview

 With another season of Capra baseball upon us, let's look back on the off-season that was, and look ahead at the season to come.

Off-Season Review 

*Free Agent Frenzy
  -Free agency always yields a high amount of activity in Capra, often to mixed results. This off-season was no different. Starting pitchers Carlos Cedeno (New Orleans) and Glenn Tomko (Jackson) were among the big winners as well as well as infielders Gus Li (Charlotte) and Mark Brooks (Chicago). Cedeno was the big prize, keeping teams waiting up until the end of the signing period before eventually inking a four year deal worth $60.3 million. Cedeno has been a solid starter throughout his career in OKC though he is coming off his worst season in which he posted a 4.93 ERA. He's an extreme fly ball pitcher, and while Zephyr Park in New Orleans isn't Coors Field, it's not exactly spacious. Gus Li got a five year deal from the Bulldogs and will be making 20 million this season. Li has…


I know I posted my big post, but I just wanted to put these guys next to each other.




You don't need me to realize these 3 guys are almost identical overall. Rudy has the longevity edge, Louie and Mel have more speed. What one lacks in power he makes up in OBP.  For me, offensively this is more or less a wash. So we look further.

All 3 were 2B's for the vast majority of their careers. As 2B's:

Louie 80 E, 83+, 3-, .984 F%, 4.88 RF
Rudy 111 E, 16+ 46-, .983 F%, 5.06 RF
Mel 169 E, 21+ 38-, .981 F%, 5.90 RF

Louie sticks out a lot here, with his 83-3 +/-. His RF is significantly lower than Barfield, but range factor is such a weird stat, and is heavily affected by the rest of your team. +/- is an individual stat. If I had to choo…

Season 31 HOF rundown

Here’s my take on this season’s HOF nominees. Most of the shoo-ins have been elected, and there were few nominations this year. Should make for some good debate!
No Doubt
Bruce Kent – Kent has classic HOF numbers. 670 HR (6th), 1870 RBI (top 10), 1653 R (prob top 10). He played almost exclusively LF, and though he was a poor defender, he more than made up for it with his bat. Very short on awards, probably due to his defense, but he did pick up 3 ASG and 3 SS, plus the all-important MVP. Not the best all-around player ever, but he’s a no doubter for me.
Solid chance
Louie Hayes – 9 ASG and 2 MVPs from this 2B/3B say he’s a good candidate without even looking deeper. A power/speed threat with 490 HRs and 470 steals, he finished with an .882 OPS.He compares very closely to his namesake Rudy Hayes, but was a significantly better fielder with more speed and more consistency.
Santos Flores – Not quite as high a peak as most HOFers, Flores gets the nod for outstanding longevity at a very high l…
Santos FloresnonenoneAge: 42B/T: R/RBorn: Los Abreus, CUPosition(s): RFView Hardball Dynasty Profile
Santos Flores hung up the cleats after season 26. Here's why he's a hall-of-famer.Awards He's a 6-time all-star and won the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove at right field.Consistent Quality He didn't ever get accused of swinging from his heels. Flores never struck out 120 times. He never struck out 100 times. Flores never even struck out 85 times. His low was 50 strikeouts and his high was 81 over a long career. All told he only struck out once per 8 at-bats. Flores's home runs plus stolen bases added up to 55 or better each season from his rookie year of season 8 through season 20. Up until his last two seasons he was a starter, hitting 9 or more home runs and stealing 17 or more bases. He averaged 20 home runs and 36 stolen bases per 162 games for his career.Okay, time for the longevity stats. He's #2 to Jim Heathcott in at-bats, plate appearances, and pitches s…