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After World Series Loss, Catfish Sheets Has to Re-evaluate Life

A Capra World Buzz report Staff writer/Tom Bradley

CINCINNATI — He sat in front of his locker in the storied Cincinnati locker room. Hands tugging at his hair and a dejected look on his face.

As reporters were swarming the locker room to talk to the players and management of the Roses, moods were low and morale was poor.

It’s not easy to lose a World Series. It’s not easy to put in a 162-game effort and come up short.

Cincinnati Rose left fielder Catfish Sheets seemed to be taking it worse than anyone else.

“I just don’t know what’s real anymore,” Sheets said in front of his locker.

Catfish Sheets
His mitt thrown to the side, eye black and Advil spilled across the top shelf, towels on the floor and his bat propped up against the wall, Sheets’ demeanor matched much of the mood in the locker room.

A reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer prefaced his question with a gesture of encouragement, “It’ll be alright, Catfish, no shame in winning an AL championship, talk about the run you guys had to get…

Capra's Top 50 Prospects Season 27

*Prospects qualified for the list if they're no older than 26 and have not spent 50 games in the majors as a position player or 15 games as a pitcher
1. Fritz Doumit- C New Britain, 21 - The top pick in the season 25 draft, Fritz was a pretty easy choice for the top spot on this list. A catcher with his complete skill set has not entered this league in a long time. A well rounded hitter who likely end up with 95+ rated contact once he is finished developing, to go along with his power that is already rated 96. That kind of bat would be very valuable at the catching position even if Fritz were a below average defender. But what sets Fritz apart is his excellent defensive ability. He has the arm strength, pitch calling ability, and durability to contend for gold gloves in the future should his owner decide to keep him at the position. He hasn't disappointed in his time in the minors thus far with 60 home runs in a season and a half and a .430 OBP. It is safe to say that this is a …

Pete Price Shows Up to Spring Training Drunk

A Capra World Buzz Report
Staff Writer/Tom Bradley

SANTA FE — Perhaps it's the mentality that comes with being the first overall pick. Perhaps it's fallout from his miserable upbringing from the streets of Grand Island, Nebraska.

But one thing is for sure: Pete Price is out of control.

Price was the first-overall pick in the amateur draft in season 26 of Capra, and while he may well be the best shortstop prospect in the world, you have to wonder if his talent is worth the headache.

Early reports from Santa Fe is Price showed up to the first day of preseason workouts in an altered state-of-mind.

A source that asked to remain anonymous reported that Price walked into the clubhouse and yelled, "Time to get turnt up, b*tches."

According to, "turnt up" is defined as, "thee act of getting drunk and high to thee highest degree."

These aren't the first problems Price has had in his short professional career.

The red flags should ha…