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5 Questions with eagle61

eagle61 is well-known in WIS circles for being one of the most respected progressive owners around. He has run over 200 baseball teams, has provided extensive career stats for many of the leagues he's in, and has offered incredibly stable leadership as the commish of the WADY league. In Capra, eagle's Dover Galaxy represented the National League in the first World Series, and are still working on making a repeat appearance.
1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports?
Well, the 61 comes from my birth year (yeah, I’m an old fart!). And the Eagle come from the fact that I am an Eagle Scout and the eagle is my favorite bird or prey.

2) Offer a paragraph bio of yourself, possibly including things like work, family life, geography, other hobbies, quirky traits, bad habits, etc.
If you couldn’t guess already I am 46 years old (47 in May), married for almost 23 years. I have a 17 year old son who shares my interest in football and baseball, but c…

International Scouting: What You Get for the Money, Part 2

Here's the 2nd round of our four-team survey designed to come up with some tangible numbers regarding what your Int'l Scouting budget really buys you. The first number listed specifies the number of scouted players in that category for round 2, from approximately game 7 to game 50. The second number (in parentheses) lists the total number of scouted players since the beginning of Spring Training.

Minnesota North Stars: 20M budget
total players scouted: 31 (47)
players asking less than 1M: 23 (31)
players asking from 1M-3M: 4 (10)
players asking more than 3M: 4 (6)

Anaheim Anteaters: 16M budget
total players scouted: 24 (39)
players asking less than 1M: 19 (26)
players asking from 1M-3M: 3 (8)
players asking more than 3M: 2 (5)

Little Rock Travelers: 11M budget
total players scouted: 18 (26)
players asking less than 1M: 15 (20)
players asking from 1M-3M: 2 (4)
players asking more than 3M: 1 (2)

Scranton Breakers: 7M budget
total players scouted: 17 (24)
players asking less than 1M: 13 (16)

Draft Preview

Capra will hold its S8 Amateur Draft with the 4/24 am cycle. This year's draft order does not feature very many picks that exchanged hands through free agency. In all, only four Type A Free Agent signings and four Type B Free Agent signing resulted in moved picks.

The franchises that look to benefit include the Montgomery Constitutions who, after losing both an A and B free agent, have picks at numbers 20, 25, 35, and 37. Also, the Atlanta Stonewallers now have picks # 27, 28, and 36. Other teams with multiple early picks are the Buffalo Hunters(8, 33, 49, 51) and the St. Louis Archers(24, 34, 52, 65). Of course, none of those picks will bring anyone close to the studs that the Pawtucket Patriots and Cleveland Brewdogs will land at numbers 1 and 2.
Furthermore, the above mentioned teams have prepared for their draft by allocating healthy scouting $ to find hidden gems. Montgomery has spent $30M on amateur scouting, Atlanta $28M, Buffalo $24M, St. Louis $24M, Pawtucket $38M, and Cl…

International Scouting: What You Get for the Money, Part 1 of 4

In an attempt to begin to make sense of the often frustrating relationshop between the International Scouting budget and the actual players your scouts bring to you as prospects, we will survey 4 owners with varying budgets this season to see who gets what for their money.

mnnorthstars is spending $20M on int'l scouting this season and will be our high-end budget rep. The other owners who will share what they see are myself(16M), sjstapleton(11M), and crickett13(7M).

It wouldn't be very accurate to report on these players based upon their overall projected ratings, since this always fluctuates based upon multiple scouting budgets(advance and international), so we will instead look at two very basic elements: total number of players seen and the player's initial asking bonus. The ladder is not a great determinant of actual projected value, but will at least give us a quality approximation of the players scouted.

The numbers listed below were reported at approximately the 7-8 g…

5 Questions with JEClapton123

JEClapton123 joined Capra for season 5 when he took over the Atlanta franchise and has proceeded to both win the NL East every season since and improve the Stonewallers' winning percentage every season, including a big .625 start to S8 thus far. Clapton's other WIS experience is limited to one other HBD team, the Columbus Straightjackets, which is still a rebuilding project.

1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports?
JE is an abbreviation of my first name, Jon Eric. It's a double first name and JE rolls off the tongue a little better than saying all that. Clapton is a nickname I got in college because my roommate thought it would be funny to do the whole "before and after" routine from Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy with one of his favorite guitarists, Eric Clapton. The name stuck and I use it to this day. I heard about WIS from Chazzz and I originally used the site for the sim matchups. He and I are good RL friends, so he ta…

5 Questions with sparrow31

sparrow31 joined Capra for S5. He turned the Tacoma Rainers into the Salem Silver Shockers. And while the Silver Shockers have yet to taste success at the big league level, they have won a Rookie title under sparrow31 while stockpiling excellent young talent. sparrow is clearly working towards the kind of franchise success that he has fostered with some of his other HBD teams here and here.

1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports? Sparrow31 is pretty simple, really. During my first collegiate baseball practice a senior asked me my name. When I told him is was Rory, he said, like (former NBA point guard) Rory Sparrow? From that day on I was Sparrow with that group of friends; as for 31, it was, of course, my baseball number.
2) Offer a paragraph bio of yourself, possibly including things like work, family life, geography, other hobbies, quirky traits, bad habits, etc. I'm a 27-year old Branch Manager with Enterprise Rent-A-Car in NH, but I …