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International Scouting: What You Get for the Money, Part 2

Here's the 2nd round of our four-team survey designed to come up with some tangible numbers regarding what your Int'l Scouting budget really buys you. The first number listed specifies the number of scouted players in that category for round 2, from approximately game 7 to game 50. The second number (in parentheses) lists the total number of scouted players since the beginning of Spring Training.

Minnesota North Stars: 20M budget
total players scouted: 31 (47)
players asking less than 1M: 23 (31)
players asking from 1M-3M: 4 (10)
players asking more than 3M: 4 (6)

Anaheim Anteaters: 16M budget
total players scouted: 24 (39)
players asking less than 1M: 19 (26)
players asking from 1M-3M: 3 (8)
players asking more than 3M: 2 (5)

Little Rock Travelers: 11M budget
total players scouted: 18 (26)
players asking less than 1M: 15 (20)
players asking from 1M-3M: 2 (4)
players asking more than 3M: 1 (2)

Scranton Breakers: 7M budget
total players scouted: 17 (24)
players asking less than 1M: 13 (16)
players asking from 1M-3M: 1 (3)
players asking more than 3M: 3 (5)

Initial Thoughts: The numbers seem to be working almost like you'd logically expect them to be working. Though there are a couple curious items of note: Why has Scranton seen 5 players asking for over 3M, while Little Rock has only seen 2? Also, the 4M budget difference between those same two teams has resulted, thus far, in only two more players showing up for Little Rock. Hmm . . . we'll compare these two teams again at the 100-game mark.


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