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Season 24 HOF Analysis

Here’s my take on this season’s HOF nominees. The problem as always is that there are so many decent candidates, the vote gets split among them. I’ll be voting for the top 5, but if I had 10 votes I’d use them all. 
No Doubt
Hong-Gu Hyun – One of the great players of all-time, won 2 MVPs, went to 9 All Star games and won 9 Silver Sluggers!Hit almost 400 HRs, stole 250 bases, and had a blistering 1.000 OPS. Did I mention he did it all at CF?
Hal Randall – .336/.419/.563 (.982 OPS)Pretty much says it all. Over 600 2Bs, 375 HRs and 375 SBs. 2800 hits, 1100+ BBs. And played a solid 2B.11 All Star games and 8 Silver Sluggers. This guy is the definition of HOF. I’m amazed he doesn’t seem to appear on more people’s lists.
Diego Santana – Out of 46 MVPs, how many are catchers? Only 1 – Diego Santana.Add another 8 All Star games for our greatest catcher yet. He slugged 475 HRs, including hitting 60 in a season twice, and had a .950 OPS. The definition of a HOFer.
Pablo Vincente – Finally a 1B who s…

All Time Showdown: AL vs NL

In a showdown of all times greats, who is better, the AL or the NL? From the archives, I've poured over the career records for each player. I've separated each player's efforts by league and position. The goal here is to determine who would start for each side in the greatest game ever, and then, who would win. The stats for each player are only those stats accumulated at the position and in the league represented. A minimum of 1000 games started in required for consideration for position players. It looks like the AL would take the NL behind the toolshed for a beating, but maybe things would be different if Brett Tracy were on the mound? Diego SantanaGS1117AVG.309HR388RBI1028 C GS1520AVG.315HR276RBI1097 Sammy KingThe best catcher in Capra history is a MVP winner and borderline Hall of Famer. Even with only 8 of his 12 seasons in the AL, he dominates the field.Edge: ALAn underrated and often overlooked player with six all-star appearances, three gold gloves and tw…