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Season 23 HOF Analysis

Here’s my take on this season’s HOF nominees. I’ve put them in 5 categories: No Doubt, Good Chance, Borderline, Short Career, and No Chance. The problem is that there are so many decent candidates, the vote gets split among them. I’ll be voting for the top 5, but if I had 10 votes I’d use them all. I mean, if you agree with my ratings, 725 HR Rudy Lombardi isn’t even in the top 5! And by the way, many players dropped off the list this year, and many more will soon. Please vote!

No Doubt
Rogers Glynn – Arguably Capra’s greatest offensive player, finished his legendary career at .296/.385/.608.Held the HR crown for a short time, and stands in second with 764 HRs. Also stole 526 bases! He drove in almost 2000 and scored over 2100.He split playing time evenly between LF and 1B, and also started over 400 games at RF. Went to 9 All Star games, won 7 Silver Sluggers, but bizarrely never an MVP (even batting .323 with 72 HR and 156 RBI!) You MUST vote for Glynn for the HOF!!! :-)
Hong-Gu Hyun –…
Minnesota North Stars Spring Training Preview

It’s spring and everyone’s thinking about how his or her team has got a shot this year at the division/pennant/championship. This year I’m not so sure. I thought I had a good team put together but it didn’t perform like I thought it would.

Why the North Stars will be better this season

It’s addition by subtraction as some North Stars have moved on to fresh opportunities. Domingo Reyes and his .649 OPS are going to have to find a new address and to this point it’s not looking likely. Jeff Jones doesn’t have to do much to impress his new teammates given what they got at catcher last year. The club let Rudy Lombardi hit his last home run and reach some longevity milestones last year, but his spot on the bench will likely be more productive. He wasn’t able to field a position so he was a DH or pinch hitter last year and was not a starter the last four years of his prodigious career. None of the three free agents that Minnesota signed to be…

Most Home Runs by Position

This an attempt to determine which players have hit the most home runs at each position. Of course, to some degree this is impossible thanks to players that have played more than 1 position at any time in their career. We do not have at-bat by at-bat stats for each player. What we do have is a record of how many innings each player played at each position during a season. So, what I've done is to proportionally assign each player's home runs to each position on a season-by-season basis. This should (hopefully) be a reasonably reliable method.

So, for example, if Joe MiddleInfielder's entire career looks like:
SEASON 17: 25HRs, 750 innings at SS, 500 innings at 2B
SEASON 18: 20HRs, 100 innings at SS, 900 innings at 2B

then his pro-rated home runs at shortstop will be:
15 in S17
2 in S18

for a career total of 17 HRs at shortstop (and 28 at 2B).

Okay, ready?

Most Home Runs at 1B:
Darren Owens,761
Pablo Vincente,634
Henry Menechino,517
Alexander Henry,502
Rudy Lombardi,490
Trenidad Priet…