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Most Home Runs by Position

This an attempt to determine which players have hit the most home runs at each position. Of course, to some degree this is impossible thanks to players that have played more than 1 position at any time in their career. We do not have at-bat by at-bat stats for each player. What we do have is a record of how many innings each player played at each position during a season. So, what I've done is to proportionally assign each player's home runs to each position on a season-by-season basis. This should (hopefully) be a reasonably reliable method.

So, for example, if Joe MiddleInfielder's entire career looks like:
SEASON 17: 25HRs, 750 innings at SS, 500 innings at 2B
SEASON 18: 20HRs, 100 innings at SS, 900 innings at 2B

then his pro-rated home runs at shortstop will be:
15 in S17
2 in S18

for a career total of 17 HRs at shortstop (and 28 at 2B).

Okay, ready?

Most Home Runs at 1B:
Darren Owens,761
Pablo Vincente,634
Henry Menechino,517
Alexander Henry,502
Rudy Lombardi,490
Trenidad Prieto,482
Ismael Maduro,418
Kip White,410
Darin McClellan,399
Carlos Pulido,377
Evan Moore,359
Hayes Corino,353
Don Wilson,349
Rogers Glynn,339
Wally Ramirez,298
Tex Jordan,285
Esteban Lee,271
Tyler Buhner,257
Bruce Harper,253
Wilfredo Tavarez,248

Most Home Runs at 2B:
Roosevelt Davenport,440
Otis Watkins,392
Hal Randall,318
Enrique Astacio,265
Rudy Hayes,264
Mel Barfield,263
Harry Pascual,251
Kelvim Woodard,240
Brett Simms,239
Denny Cooper,219
Louie Hayes,209
Lou Witt,208
Lonny Dali,205
Zachrey Grace,203
Ernest Lamb,198
Edgar Berroa,186
Coco Hentgen,186
Lonny Randolph,184
Catfish Sheets,178
Frank Sellers,177

Most Home Runs at SS:
Desi Rodriguez,465
Al Ontiveros,457
Julio Martin,391
Geronimo Ordaz,300
Alfonso Cortez,297
Delino Julio,297
Chuck Coleman,276
Josh Mullaney,267
Wesley Smith,254
A.J. Daniels,230
Chip Turner,226
Luis Ramirez,208
Kevin Hernandez,192
Geraldo Johnson,177
Danny Carlson,174
Kenny Johnson,170
Eric Courtney,157
Jin-Chi Hujimoto,156
Shawn Neal,150
Bruce File,145

Most Home Runs at 3B:
Sean Montgomery,438
Michael Dransfeldt,426
Moises Guzman,379
Sean Burnett,343
Jorge Gomez,291
Anthony Gipson,288
Alex Alomar,271
Trenidad Rios,262
Henry Sullivan,246
Sparky White,223
Ringo Hubbard,214
Hiram West,193
Ariel Rosario,180
Hector Escobar,179
J.T. Barber,171
Julio Iglesias,170
Daniel DeHart,161
Louie Hayes,158
Felipe Martinez,157
Babe High,154

Most Home Runs at LF:
Claude Long,519
Bruce Kent,511
Walt Cashman,385
Raul Costilla,352
Stan Lee,335
Rogers Glynn,307
Roger Scalici,286
Stan Coleman,278
Javier Roque,268
Vladimir Cruz,248
Bailey Cooper,247
Mikey Tatum,245
Clyde Unroe,245
Yamid Pinzon,226
Sam Beech,215
Alfredo Flores,212
Charlie Thomas,211
Bingo Gonzales,207
Matty Estrada,195
Gregg Coco,179

Most Home Runs at CF:
Hong-Gu Hyun,356
Jorel McGlinchy,332
Trenidad Meadows,291
Aurelio Astacio,283
Jorge Lima,257
Alex Beck,227
Albert Manzanillo,191
Hector Jacquez,178
Karl Juden,170
Don Barnes,162
Ismael Guillen,161
Henry Siddall,161
Yorvit Gutierrez,160
Al Perez,157
Jose Trevino,143
Ed Bennett,142
Bosco Gleason,137
Fred Redding,136
Dmitri Stafford,135
Russ Mercedes,132

Most Home Runs at RF:
Clinton Anderson,524
Al Maurer,464
Alberto Sosa,394
Cesar Pulido,371
Matt Kirkland,345
Carlos Medrano,309
Santos Flores,307
Dan Donatello,301
Phil Hogan,294
Juan Valentin,289
Garrett Stewart,264
Alan Greenwood,252
Rick Abbott,248
Ryan Parrish,247
Yamid Beltran,245
Pep Rapp,244
Thomas Simon,235
Daryle Young,210
Alex Carrasquel,183
Steve Terrell,180

Most Home Runs at C:
Diego Santana,474
Al Ordaz,392
Donald Lee,359
Justin Terry,324
Shep Cashman,306
Jimmie Franco,292
Sammy King,281
Lonny Murray,275
Jeff Jones,270
Harold Wilkins,263
Juan Johnson,225
Bo Collins,222
Pedro Rojas,218
Tony Otanez,216
B.J. Omlansky,192
Adam Williams,191
Andy Curtis,191
Henry O'Neill,189
Eli Lopez,188
Julio Concepcion,169

Most Home Runs at DH:
Damaso Colome,702
Javier Leon,500
Willie Bacsik,375
Don Bonilla,268
Jeromy Wagner,267
Ralph Stanley,264
Omar Camacho,252
Bruce Harper,223
Jesus Mendoza,210
Brian Russell,202
Al Wall,198
Walter Webb,191
Jerrod Mann,164
Omar Rivera,158
Tex Jordan,157
Peter Mitchell,147
Miguel Acosta,141
Victor Mairena,140
Carlos Pulido,136
Victor Marichal,125

Most Home Runs at P:
Julius Edmonds,7
Vasco Almonte,6
Fausto Zapata,5
Brett Tracy,5
Paul Martin,5
Pedro Gonzales,4
Kenneth Paulson,4
Horace Gorecki,4
Vic Bocachica,3
Diego Ozuna,3
Jacob Foster,3
Ted Davis,3
Charlie Gulan,3
Jumbo Escuela,3
Matty Ortiz,3
Trenidad Espinosa,3
Pasqual Lopez,3
Harry Barkett,3
Brandon Stevens,3
Jose Lira,3


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