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The First Annual Coty

There's been some buzz in the league chat about creating an award for the best overall performance by an organization. This includes both major and minor league teams. I suppose you could also argue for other considerations, too: good trades, a strong draft, good financial handling, etc. Where might it stop! 
So I propose we call this the Coty: Capra of the year. Seems to me there should be a prize, too. I'm open to suggestions, creative ideas, etc. 
We're going to do this in two steps: first, we will throw out some nominations and arguments. This can be done with either a full blog post, or simply by commenting at the bottom of this entry(no blogger registration needed for that). Then, I will throw up a poll here and voting can proceed accordingly. 
Here are some teams that seem to call for immediate consideration . . . 
Minnesota North Stars: Currently Minny has squads in the Rookie, High A, AA, and AAA league championship series. The big league team just missed the wild car…