27 September 2008

Flashback: robocoach vs. Patrick Spencer

With robocoach back in Capra, this is a good time to revisit how one of Capra's bigger dramas unfolded. normandevils' Pawtucket Patriots finished Season 1 of Capra with a putrid .198 win % and did not return for more in S2. robo came aboard and promptly turned the team around by winning three straight division titles, a streak that was then continued by jeclapton123 for five more seasons and running.

As the inheritor of a .198 team in S2, robocoach also owned the #1 pick in the draft. robo waivered between Patrick Spencer and Al Maurer, before finally deciding on the former since pitching is so key in HBD. robo offered Spencer a 3-year major league contract in addition to the 6m bonus Spencer was asking. However, Spencer turned down the offer remained undecided about signing for 40 some-odd cycles. Of course, robo was nonplussed to say the least and let us know about his frustration on the chat page.

Still unsure about the Spencer's status, robo signed two quality international players: Tony Park and Felipe Martinez for 9m. However, his dismay over Spencer turned to outrage when the young pitcher came back and asked for a 9.5m bonus, a figure that was now out of robo's prospect budget. robo now says, "I just didn't appreciate his dishonesty during the negociating process." Compounding things further was the fact that robo's other first round pick, a supplemental rounder, Clarence Mirabelli, also didn't sign.

As a college senior, Spencer declared free agency at the beginning of S3 in Capra and inked a 5 year/50m $ contract from the Anaheim Anteaters, where he has become a perennial all-star. However, Spencer will now have to face the owner he so brashly spurned back in the day, both on the mound and in the batting box. Stay tuned.

26 September 2008

Scranton Breakers: S9 Champs!

crickett13's Scranton squad compiled a 14-4 postseason record, including a 4-0 World Series sweep over the St. Louis Archers, en route to earning their first World Series trophy. The Breakers entered the postseason as a Wild Card, the AL's 6th and final entry, but got off to a quick start by sweeping the Albuquerque Roadrunners, and then outlasting Montgomery Montreal, before making quick work of the Archers.

20 September 2008

Coming Soon to a Ballpark Near You

Being that we are officially in season ten of Capra baseball, it seems fitting to look at some upcoming individual milestones as well as whatever else I stumble upon looking at league records. I also included some real-life comparisons with stats through the 2007 season.

Brett Simms and Julio Johnson can join all-universe slugger Walt Cashman as the second and third men to hit 400 career doubles. In real life, 154 players have hit this milestone.

The aforementioned Cashman is just a hit away from 2,000. Nobody else has 1,800, and only 24 active players have 2,000 MLB hits. He could also score his 1,350th run to pace the field.

Henry Menechino should easily reach 500 home runs this season. Rudy Lombardi (argh!) leads a list of guys just a stone's throw from 400 after he hit exactly 100 in the minors. This year, Gary Sheffield became the 25th player to hit 500 home runs. Kip White, Trenidad Prieto, et al lead the pack behind Menechino and Lombardi. If history repeats itself, though, a free-agent like Prieto will go unsigned until after the rule 5 draft, and he'll have to sign for peanuts.

Unless he lands a starting gig somewhere, Jeffrey Brow will pick up his 150th career pinch hit, approximately twice as many as the next-best guy.

Rudy Carver, Ringo Weston, Cashman, and White will all come to bat for the 7,000th time. Twenty-three current MLB players have batted as often.

Even though he is 36, Henry Menechino could possibly drive in his 1,400th run if he returns to season 7 form. This would put him pretty close to Larry Jones, Jr.'s RBI total.

Mikey Tatum probably steals his 450th base this season. Only Kenny Lofton has more than that among active players.

Division rivals Jose Almonte and Harry Pascual should join White as the other two members of the 1,000 walk club. White also has an outside shot at making his 14,000th putout at first.

Geronimo Ordaz could turn his 1,100th double play at short.

If Donald Lee has another season like last year, he will throw out his 350th would-be basestealer.

Fargo 's Big Three will each individually face their 10,000th batters. They also will have made 370 starts each. Ozuna will give up his 350th gopher ball and Tracy will pitch his 2,500th frame and maybe reach 2,400 and 2,500 strikeouts. Those two guys can also win their 200th games. To back up this trio, Tyler Henderson will save his 400th game. Just ten current real pitchers have 200 wins. Tracy's strikeout total would put him eighth among active players, and only four men have ever saved 400 games.

Capra's answer to Roy Halladay, Pete Patrick , will finish his 65th complete game. Nobody else has better than 50. In real life, he would be behind only Maddux, Johnson, and Schilling.

If they sign somewhere, Al Howard and Vasco Carrasco will make their 700th appearances. No such worry for Arthur Caufield in Scranton. Just 85 men have pitched in 700 big-league games.

07 September 2008


things have been a little slow around here these last couple weeks as it's been the start of the semester for me and i've been busy gearing up to teach. i'll try to do some smaller posts to keep regular.

One More Ranking

sanderbear offers a new ranking that looks at balance(derived at by considering the highs and lows in MLB in BA, ERA, and team Wins since 2001) and stability(# of teams lost at rollover compared to hbd average). you can read a more full explanation of sanderbear's rankings, and the rankings themselves, here: 133 Worlds Ranked

Capra clocked in at #26. Combined with our other rankings at #18 and #22, we can confidently say that we are in the top 20 or so worlds of the approximately 150 on the site.

now if we could just get Fargo to stop dominating us and spoiling our competitive balance ;-)