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I made a little ERA+ calculator in order to take a deeper look at some of the great players from Capra. Of course, I can’t normalize for ballpark, so it’s quite imperfect, but by normalizing for league my eyes have been opened on some players.
First, I did all the Hall of Famers:
NameERA+Peak ERA+(Season)CYA’s Brett Tracy 163194510 Rick Christensen 151182205 Trenidad Espinosa140185121 Kelly Grace139194171 David Wanatabe13925150 Christian Grim128155173

So far, so good. Grim is the lowest, but he pitched more innings than anybody else and won 3 CYA. There was not much controversy over him, and everybody else has a solid ERA+.
Then I checked some of the starters who have been on the bubble.
NameERA+Peak ERA+(Season)CYA’s Vasco Almonte 136183182 Dennys Yamakazi135187

Season 30 HOF rundown

Here’s my take on this season’s HOF nominees. We got a few in last year to clear out the clutter. A couple more no-brainers this season!
No Doubt
Rick Christensen – I don’t need to say much. 312 W, a 3.14 ERA and 5 Cy Youngs. Slam dunk.
Christian Grim – Would be first if Christensen didn’t retire at the same time! The “Grim Reaper” pitched more than anybody else has, with over 3900 IP, and won the 3rd most games at 266. He finished his long career with a 3.46 ERA and won 3 Cy Youngs along the way. He was also dominant in the post season, going 20-7 with a 2.73 post-season ERA. A true HOFer.
Kevin Myers – The sort of pitcher who only exists in HBD, and the first of this type to truly deserve the HOF. Averaged 140 relief IP per season during his peak, and had a career ERA of 2.62 over 1800 IP. Went to 6 All-Star teams, and would have gone to more had he been a closer, but he would have been less valuable. Double the innings and a way better ERA than Bowie, and there’s really no comparison.