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A Refresher on Player Ratings

I'd written a draft of this awhile ago and saved it because I had planned to add more. But I'm not going to so I'll go ahead and throw it out there now, as is, for anyone interested.
Just wanted to throw this out there for those who are fuzzy on the art of maximizing ratings bumps.
Ratings can increase up to 6 times a season, though 4-5 is more likely. The approximate schedule is: 1) after Spring Training(ST), 2-5)after every 30 games of the big league season. You may initiate a bump of your own by promoting a player to a higher level, but that won't be an additional bump. It will simply take the place of one of the 30-game bumps. And this bump won't happen at all if not timed in the neighborhood of the 30-game bump.The ST bump is dependent on your major leaguers getting enough at bats/innings(there's much debate about how much = enough). Minor leaguers in the lower levels of the system don't need ST playing time to get the increase. Dudes in the upper levels…

12 Seasons of Victories . . . Who's Winning? NL version

As we begin our 13th season, let's take a big picture look at what franchises have accumulated the most regular season victories. This list, of course, does not discriminate based upon a franchise's previous owners or anything else. Just a simple tally of what franchise has won the most games.
NL North NY Yanks = 1,210 wins/100 avg (formerly Fargo Woodchippers) Minnesota North Stars = 1,023 wins/85 avg Toronto Beavers = 964 wins/80 avg Tacoma Typhoon = 900 wins/75 avg (formerly NY Knights/Pitt Littlefield of Dreams/NY Manatees/CLB Buckeyes)
NL East Tampa Bay Lightning Devils/Chicago Vipers/Atlanta Stonewallers = 974 wins/81avg Syracuse Salt City Ballers = 899 wins/75 avg (formerly Wichita Shockers/CIN Reds/Hartford Belly Whalers/Charlotte Webs) (formerly KC Monarchs/Pawtucket Patriots) Rochester Rough Riders/Dover Galaxy = 857 wins/71.5 Indianapolis Colt 45 = 753 wins/63 avg (formerly Buffalo Hunters/Was Capitol Hill G-Men/Trenton Turnpikes)
NL South Little Rock Travelers = 1,010 wins/84 avg E…

S12 Monterrey Conquistadors = Campeones Del Mundo

Lead by a devastating offensive attack, the Monterrey Conquistadors claimed the championship trophy in Capra's dozenth season. Monterrey's postseason heroes include the following:
Trenidad Rios: .467/.500/.978 and 7hrs/13 rbis Darren Owens: .328/.397/.590 and 4 hrs/14 rbis Al Maurer: .327/.417/.692 and 6 hrs/13 rbis Alfonso Cortrez: .298/.385/.596 and 5 hrs/17 rbis
Nor were the Conquistadors without tough pitching during the playoffs. Livan Lee went 3-0 with a 2.78 era over 5 starts and 32+ innings. Jimmie Gutierrez matched Lee with a 3-0 count over 4 starts, ending in a 2.42 era.
Overall, the team formerly known as the Jackson Riverdogs went 11-3 in the postseason enroute to claiming their 2nd WS title. Previously the Riverdogs won the WS in S8.

Who's Nastiest in the NL North?

Questions abound as the NL North enters its lucky 13th season in Capra. Does Tacoma successfully defend the division title and take its 4th straight pennant? Can Minnesota get over the 90-win hump for the first time since S8 (and will that be enough)? How long is the Ketchum Plan going to take to return the Yanks to annual hundred-win seasons? Will Toronto lose more games than it did last season (like it did the last 2 years), or will the Beavers give Walt Cashman a reason to celebrate in what could be the future Hall-of-Famer's last season?

We'll start finding out in 4 cycles. Which, by the way, is the over/under for cycles in Capra this year. I'm taking the under.

To take a look at these franchises, here are their projected opening-day starters based on depth charts provided by We compared them, position-by-position to see who's got the edge (and could have divisional bragging rights come September.) Players are listed from Minnesota, then New…