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S12 Monterrey Conquistadors = Campeones Del Mundo

Lead by a devastating offensive attack, the Monterrey Conquistadors claimed the championship trophy in Capra's dozenth season. Monterrey's postseason heroes include the following:

Trenidad Rios: .467/.500/.978 and 7hrs/13 rbis
Darren Owens: .328/.397/.590 and 4 hrs/14 rbis
Al Maurer: .327/.417/.692 and 6 hrs/13 rbis
Alfonso Cortrez: .298/.385/.596 and 5 hrs/17 rbis

Nor were the Conquistadors without tough pitching during the playoffs. Livan Lee went 3-0 with a 2.78 era over 5 starts and 32+ innings. Jimmie Gutierrez matched Lee with a 3-0 count over 4 starts, ending in a 2.42 era.

Overall, the team formerly known as the Jackson Riverdogs went 11-3 in the postseason enroute to claiming their 2nd WS title. Previously the Riverdogs won the WS in S8.


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