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Season 29 HOF rundown

Here’s my take on this season’s HOF nominees. Way too many deserving players at this point – hopefully we can agree on a few and get some people in! I would vote for the first 10 if I could. Sadly, Pablo Vincente joins Desi Rodriguez and Dennys Yamakazi on the list people who should be in the HOF but we couldn’t get enough voters. Please vote if you want to have a HOF at all!
No Doubt
Bruce Harper – Do I need to say more than 4 MVPs? He also won 6 SS (somehow he only went to 4 ASGs though). 4th all-time with 722 HRs, 1st all-time in RBI’s at 2,067, 2nd all-time in AVG at .339, 2nd all-time in runs created. He retired with a .339/.426/.631 line, for a 1.057 OPS. A no-brainer.
Michael Dransfeldt – If the HOF criteria is being the best at your position, there is no doubt whatsoever about Dransfeldt. 11 ASG, 10 SS and 5 GG prove that he was the best 3B of a generation. His raw numbers are fantastic as well, as he slugged .283/.363/.538 for a .901 OPS, drove in over 1600 runs and scored over …