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Capra World Buzz Podcast? Episode 5

Due to technical difficulties (followed by about 20 minutes or cursing at a computer screen) the audio has been lost for Episode 5 of the Capra World Buzz Podcast.

Thanks to dcbove for coming on the show. Despite what he says, he was a very good interview. Congratulations to the Cleveland Spiders for their S32 championship. World Series victories are not rare in Cleveland, this being his fourth championship as an owner.

(His girlfriend took him out to dinner to congratulate him on his championship!)

He credited his world series win to solid pitching and a great lineup, which he certainly has. But most of all he credited his win to the Capra World Buzz Podcast Curse.

"When you guys were previewing the playoffs in your last episode, you had great things to say about every team, especially Seattle. Then you got to my team and you dismissed us." -dcbove

For those of you that aren't aware, there is a friendly rivalry between Cleveland and the AL South. And we dismissed his tea…

Equivalent Seasons in S15 and S25

One last comparison...  the goal is to show how significant changes continued to affect batters in the seasons between 15 and 25, seasons which are very impactful on the candidacies of various HoF nominees.

In Season 25, each attribute was expected to be only a fraction of Season 15:
AB: 98.4% (due to less scoring, lineups turned over less often, resulting in less ABs) H: 93.5% 2B: 86.5% 3B: 78.2% HR: 100%  (home runs don't change!  8411 vs 8402 despite 2700 fewer at bats) BB: 94.1%
Therefore, equivalent hypothetical performances would be: s15:  600ab, 170 hits, 70 bb, 40 doubles, 5 triples, 35 hr = (.283/.358/.541) s25:  590ab, 159 hits, 66 bb, 34 doubles, 4 triples, 35 hr = (.280/.343/.519)

Doubles and Triples over Time

Doubles fall significantly from 7794 to 6748 between seasons 15 and 25.
Triples fall significantly from 864 to 675 between seasons 15 and 25.

14% of doubles and 22% of triples disappear between seasons 15 and 25.

Batting Through the Years