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Equivalent Seasons in S15 and S25

One last comparison...  the goal is to show how significant changes continued to affect batters in the seasons between 15 and 25, seasons which are very impactful on the candidacies of various HoF nominees.

In Season 25, each attribute was expected to be only a fraction of Season 15:

AB: 98.4% (due to less scoring, lineups turned over less often, resulting in less ABs)
H: 93.5%
2B: 86.5%
3B: 78.2%
HR: 100%  (home runs don't change!  8411 vs 8402 despite 2700 fewer at bats)
BB: 94.1%

Therefore, equivalent hypothetical performances would be:
s15:  600ab, 170 hits, 70 bb, 40 doubles, 5 triples, 35 hr = (.283/.358/.541)
s25:  590ab, 159 hits, 66 bb, 34 doubles, 4 triples, 35 hr = (.280/.343/.519)


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