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12 Seasons of Victories . . . Who's Winning? NL version

As we begin our 13th season, let's take a big picture look at what franchises have accumulated the most regular season victories. This list, of course, does not discriminate based upon a franchise's previous owners or anything else. Just a simple tally of what franchise has won the most games.

NL North
NY Yanks = 1,210 wins/100 avg
(formerly Fargo Woodchippers)
Minnesota North Stars = 1,023 wins/85 avg
Toronto Beavers = 964 wins/80 avg
Tacoma Typhoon = 900 wins/75 avg
(formerly NY Knights/Pitt Littlefield of Dreams/NY Manatees/CLB Buckeyes)

NL East
Tampa Bay Lightning Devils/Chicago Vipers/Atlanta Stonewallers = 974 wins/81avg
Syracuse Salt City Ballers = 899 wins/75 avg
(formerly Wichita Shockers/CIN Reds/Hartford Belly Whalers/Charlotte Webs)
(formerly KC Monarchs/Pawtucket Patriots)
Rochester Rough Riders/Dover Galaxy = 857 wins/71.5
Indianapolis Colt 45 = 753 wins/63 avg
(formerly Buffalo Hunters/Was Capitol Hill G-Men/Trenton Turnpikes)

NL South
Little Rock Travelers = 1,010 wins/84 avg
El Paso Diablos = 1,003 wins/83.5 avg
Florida SunRays = 982 wins/82 avg
KC Monarchs/HUN Redlegs = 914 wins/76avg
(formerly Richmond Confederates/Huntington Hatorade/San Juan Rumrunners)

NL West
Anaheim Anteaters/Portland Wheels = 1,104 wins/92 avg
St. Louis Archers = 1,057 wins/88avg
Seattle Picards = 897 wins/75 avg
(formerly Jacksonville Juggernauts/Fresno Force/Colorado Bombers/Boise Idaho Taters)
Vancouver Maintaneers = 888 wins/74 avg
(formerly LA Aquatics)

I'll let you analyze the data yourself. Maybe in a future thread we could do winning percentage by owner instead of franchise.

AL version coming soon.


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