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Draft Preview

Capra will hold its S8 Amateur Draft with the 4/24 am cycle. This year's draft order does not feature very many picks that exchanged hands through free agency. In all, only four Type A Free Agent signings and four Type B Free Agent signing resulted in moved picks.

The franchises that look to benefit include the Montgomery Constitutions who, after losing both an A and B free agent, have picks at numbers 20, 25, 35, and 37. Also, the Atlanta Stonewallers now have picks # 27, 28, and 36. Other teams with multiple early picks are the Buffalo Hunters(8, 33, 49, 51) and the St. Louis Archers(24, 34, 52, 65). Of course, none of those picks will bring anyone close to the studs that the Pawtucket Patriots and Cleveland Brewdogs will land at numbers 1 and 2.

Furthermore, the above mentioned teams have prepared for their draft by allocating healthy scouting $ to find hidden gems. Montgomery has spent $30M on amateur scouting, Atlanta $28M, Buffalo $24M, St. Louis $24M, Pawtucket $38M, and Cleveland $32M.

On the flipside, the Scranton Breakers gave up their first round slot by signing Vasco Carrasco and now don't pick until #61. The Boston Brigadiers lost their first round selection when they inked slugger Clyde Unroe and now do not get to draft until #69.

Only four teams have spent less than $20M total in amateur scouting. Scranton, influenced by their weak set of picks, budgeted only $16M. The Las Vegas Longballers have spent $18M on looking at youngbloods. The Colorado Bombers have spent only $12M total and all of that on college ball; clearly they don't like teenage ballers in the Rockies. And finally, the San Juan Express, with picks at #30 and 71, have spent only $6M total(4-college, 2-high school) on scouting the draft pool.


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