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5 Questions with JEClapton123

JEClapton123 joined Capra for season 5 when he took over the Atlanta franchise and has proceeded to both win the NL East every season since and improve the Stonewallers' winning percentage every season, including a big .625 start to S8 thus far. Clapton's other WIS experience is limited to one other HBD team, the Columbus Straightjackets, which is still a rebuilding project.

1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports?
JE is an abbreviation of my first name, Jon Eric. It's a double first name and JE rolls off the tongue a little better than saying all that. Clapton is a nickname I got in college because my roommate thought it would be funny to do the whole "before and after" routine from Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy with one of his favorite guitarists, Eric Clapton. The name stuck and I use it to this day. I heard about WIS from Chazzz and I originally used the site for the sim matchups. He and I are good RL friends, so he talked me into joining him in HBD when it was created. He was very persistent, despite the fact I turned him down a couple seasons before I joined. I'm glad I did join now though! I LOVE it!

2) Offer a paragraph bio of yourself, possibly including things like work, family life, geography, other hobbies, quirky traits, bad habits, etc.
I work in the chem lab of a small company here in the Midwest. I'm a big Twins fan and other than baseball, I'm really nuts about football. I love watching movies and anyone who knows me knows that I'm interested heavily in MMA.

3) A sports-themed bio paragraph. Favorite team? Players? Did you play as a kid? Now? What and when? Best sports moment? Most heartbreaking moment? etc.
I'd have to say I'm a Twins fan through and through. Morneau is my favorite Twin now that Johan has been traded. :( Other than that, I'd say my favorite baseball players are Jake Peavy, Brandon Webb, and Chase Utley.My favorite moment is the 1991 World Series with Kirby Puckett's HR and his AMAZING catch in CF. That call by Jack Buck will live with me forever.My most heartbreaking moment is a tie between the Bartman incident and when Johan was traded. I felt bad for Cubs fans after that incident because they've waited for so long to get their title. The Johan trade was inevitable, but it still hurt to lose my favorite pitcher from my favorite team.

4) What about your franchise is most exciting going into Season 8? What is your team's biggest challenge? Anything else about your squad?
I'm excited that I posted my first ever season over .500 ball. I'm looking forward to getting better and building up my minor leagues so I can compete with the juggernauts of Capra. I hope to approach the 100 win mark this season and finally achieve a playoff series victory, which has escaped me to date.

5)What piece of strategy or advice can you offer about HBD?
Don't invest as much $ in coaches as you think you should. It's more worthwhile to spend your money on scouting of prospects and especially those international players. They can come through for you like you wouldn't believe.


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