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On Fielding Coaches

info courtesy of crickett13.

-this is Matt's first ticket to admin:
Never saw this happen before. Capra has 12 Fielding coach vacancies and only 8 coaches available with a fielding rating over 60. Why would that happen? Should that ever happen? It seems like fielding coaches retire but new ones are never generated. This will really have a very negative impact on some teams.

admin's response:
12/29/2008 7:42 AM Customer Support

Keep in mind that a rating of 50 is average. So, it won't be detrimental to a player's development if you have a coach with an average rating. The reason that this happens is because coaches retire out of the system, they get replenished every season if necessary with either retired player's or they are created.

Matt's response to admin's response:
12/29/2008 2:35 PM crickett13

Perhaps the fielding coaches should be handled a bit differently than other coaches since they can not be developed in the minor leagues. Even if you hire a newly created guy with a 50 FR rating as a bench coach he will gain about 1-2 points a year so it would take 10 years for him to be a good ML fielding coach and in the meantime he is hurting your system in other ways because their other ratings are so low. (plus they won't accept rookie or low A positions anyway)

With hitting, bench and pitching coaches since they do coach in their specialty in the minors they gain 4-5 points and get hired to coach and develop in the minor leagues With fielding coaches they get created in the low 50's and high 40's and never get hired and can't develop in their specialty.

I think there is a fundemental flaw here and in a few seasons there will be fewer and fewer, if any, good ML fielding coaches available.

We are not expected to settle for any other ML coach with an average rating so we should not have to settle for average fielding coaches. You need to examine creating them at a higher rating or allowing the FR of coaches to develop at a faster rate while coaching in the minor leagues. Otherwise soon older leagues like Capra are going to be filled with fielding coaches with ratings of 55-65 which is not on par with other coaches at the ML level.

Here are some examples of coaches who, if FR developed faster in coaches, would soon be decent fielding instructers.

Clayton Bryant 38 yrs old Hi A BC for Scranton created in season 6. Bench Coach Inital FR 30 Initial Stratagey 44. Current ratings FR 41 Stratagey 67 now in High A. If his FR had kept pace with his stratagey he would now have a FR of 53 and would in a few years be ready to become either a bench coach or a fielding coach.

Harry Torres 41 yrs old AAA BC for Scranton created in season 2 Initial FR 24 Strat 40 current rating FR 37 strat 73 if FR had kept pace even with a horrible starting point of 24 would be 57 now.

Daniel Kinney 36 yrs old Low A BC for Tucson created in season 7initial ratings FR 30 stratagey 40. Current ratings FR 39 Strat 58. If FR kept pace he would now be 48.

Instead we get new fielding coaches like Luther Blair Unhired. Initial FR 50 strat 40. He can't be hired as a bench coach at the rookie level because he would rather be unemployed than tke 50K and have a job or perhaps he has a son who was arrested for drunk driving and he really needs more money. So instead he just dissapears after a season or 2 of not finding work. He won't find work cause nobody wants a ML coach with a rating of 50 and these guys won't accept jobs in the minor leagues.

I would encourage you to re-examine the way this works before it becomes a major problem. I see the 2 best solutions as 1) alow bench coaches to develop into viable fielding coaches during their minor league careers by allowing the FR to develop faster or 2) Keep creating fielding coaches who after 3 cycles with no offers and ratings under 60 (or in the bottom 50% or whatever cutoff you decide) to start changing their demands and asking for minor league bench coach positions. I think that the advantage of # 1 would be less hassle for everyone since you would just have to have those coaches FR develop faster. The advantage of #2 would be that the fielding coaches who have to accept low minor league bench coach positions could still have their FR advance more rapidly than their stratagey rating so they would eventually become better fielding instructers than bench coaches so you would have seperation as they progressed between who will be a good bench coach and who will be a good FI.

One last note this has to be done differently than coaches lowering their demands now is handled to give people time to hire low level bench coaches plus since most ML coaches only drop their demands to AAA these guys will not be good enough to be AAA bench coaches and still will not get jobs.

admin's response to Matt's response to admin's response: ?


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