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S19 National League Predictions

NL North

Minnesota North Stars (100-62)

Newcomers Darren Owens and Jorel McGlinchy should propel Minnesota into the upper echelon of NL teams. Explosive offense, air-tight defense and just enough pitching.

Pittsburg Typhoon (80-82)

Led by Christian Grim, Pittsburg easily boasts the best rotation in the division. Offense gets on base a lot, but the team is missing the power bats to drive them in. However, Pittsburg could be a dark horse come playoff time.

New York Yanks (80-82)

Zachary Grace and co. supply plenty of offense, rotation filled with solid innings-eaters. Unless ownership decides to hold a fire sale at mid-season, the Yanks might challenge for a WC spot.

Toronto Beavers (74-88)

Quietly picking up some quality players, but probably still a year away from making some noise.

NL East

Louisville Redbirds (96-66)

Trades two top pitchers to division rival which should make for a very tight race. However, with power hitters Lonny Murray and Don Barnes, Redbirds still have the best offense in the division.

Iowa City Tornadoes (96-66)

Led by Charlie Gulan, the Tornadoes boast a deep and tough pitching staff. NL East should come down to the wire.

Baltimore Boogeymen (76-86)

Boogeymen are putting together a well-constructed team, but could use another big bat or two.

Syracuse Sicilians (75-87)

A well-rounded pitching staff should keep them competitive, but lack of offense will likely hold them back.

NL South

Jacksonville Stonewallers (85-77)

Plenty of offense, but will Jacksonville be able to overcome a lack of pitching depth? NL South is shaping up to be a rough and tumble division this season.

Little Rock Travelers (85-77)

Led by Abdul Thomas and Ismael Guillen, Travelers are definitely playoff contenders. Look for the division race to be a nail biter.

Atlanta Aces (79-83)

The Hayes brothers (Rudy and Louie) should quickly become Atlanta fan favorites. Probably still a year away, but could be a surprise team this season.

Florida SunRays (62-100)

Looks to be a tough year in Florida, as the team continues to rebuild.

NL West

Anaheim Anteaters (102-60)

Is a repeat in their future? Led by Jose Sosa and Vasco Almonte, the defending champs own the best pitching staff in all of Capra.

Vancouver Maintaineers (92-70)

Big boppers Jimmie Franco and Tony Unanumo + a deep staff should return Vancouver to the playoffs and keep them within shouting distance of Anaheim.

Seattle Picards (91-71)

Led the league in OPS and underrated pitching staff finished second in ERA. However, holes in the defense may trip them up.

St. Louis Archers (76-86)

Beginning the rebuilding process as longtime superstars set career record marks.

NL North winner = Minnesota NL East winner = Louisville

NL South winner = Jacksonville NL West winner = Anaheim

NL Wildcards = Iowa City, Vancouver

NL Championship = Anaheim over Minnesota in 6 games

World Series = Cleveland over Anaheim in 7 games


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