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85 and Over Club, Part II

This is a sequel to the original entry, 85 and over in Season 7.

I've always assumed there was ratings inflation, so it was interesting to see that there were 24 players that were 85 and over, very similar to the 22 of Season 7.

I'll update if I missed anyone. Please tell me.

Anaheim AnteatersAl Perez 87 (RF)
Atlanta AcesRudy Hayes90 (LF)
Atlanta AcesLouie Hayes 88 (2B)
Cleveland SpidersMichael Dransfeldt 90 (3B)
Cleveland SpidersEnrique Astacio 98 (SS)
El Paso SunsGeraldo Johnson 87 (SS)
El Paso SunsBob Wallace 85 (SS)
Helena Howling SukebeEsteban Abreu 85 (3B)
Jackson RageBruce Dellucci 89 (SP)
Jacksonville StoneWallersVictor Lee 85 (SS)
Louisville RedbirdsDon Barnes 92 (CF)
Louisville RedbirdsAntonio Martin 85 (SP)
Madison Mad DogsBruce Kent 87 (LF)
Minnesota North StarsDmitri Stafford 85 (CF)
Monterrey CampeĆ³nesAlfonso Cortez 87 (SS)
New York YanksTrenidad Meadows 85 (CF)
Pittsburgh TyphoonWesley Smith 93 (SS)
Pittsburgh TyphoonChristian Grim 86 (SP)
San Jose LongballersDaryle Young 89 (RF)
San Jose LongballersMark Woo 86 (CF)
Seattle PicardsWilliam Uehara 87 (SS)
Seattle PicardsCesar Pulido 88 (RF)
Syracuse SiliciansDonn Newman 86 (RF)


rls said…
this is awesome, dc. i've thought about doing another version. thanks for taking the lead.
dcb said…
Updated to include the signing of Rudy Hayes and Trenidad Meadows

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