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In the Beginning . . .

Ever wondered how our league name came about? Here, evil_twin tells the the story:

Saturday, July 2, 2005. Cooperstown, NY. On the first of our now annual tours, chazzzzzz, eagle61, jrnyfan01 and myself are at the Baseball Hall of Fame. While there, we partake in a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" style trivia exhibition. As someone who freely admits to knowing his stuff when it comes to all things sporting and trivial, I find myself on stage, where I charge through the first eight questions with reported smugness. The final question, "Who led the NL in ERA in 1974: A - Buzz Capra, B - Phil Niekro, C - Jon Matlack, D - Tom Seaver. I somehow take the easy way out and take Seaver, only to my horror, seconds later, to be looking at a picture of one Lee William Capra. I did not take this well as my fellow travellers will attest. Soon afterward, launched Hardball Dynasty. When it was decided that our merry band should create a private world, it was clear who the world had to be named for, my archnemisis, Buzz Capra.


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