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5 Questions with evil_twin

evil_twin is finishing his fourth season in HBD, all in Capra, although in two different stints. e_t was one of Capra's original owners with the San Juan Rumrunners(currently the Richmond Confederates), then took a break after S3 and returned for S8 with the Buffalo Hunters. And while e_t has yet to finish above .500 in Capra, who knows what glories have been bestowed upon him under is original WIS moniker(see question 1). After all, he has played every game WIS has to offer, a sign of a true renaissance man.

1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports?
Not much of a story really, I'd been active under another username (classified, as I do on rare occasion use it) when I decided to take on a second team to get a theme league off the ground. This second persona of course, was my other nick's evil twin.I first found the site via a link on when I was looking for something different from your usual fantasy baseball. I'd say I found it.

2) Offer a paragraph bio of yourself, possibly including things like work, family life, geography, other hobbies, quirky traits, bad habits, etc.
I'm a lifelong Minnesotan...aside from a 5 year stint in the Navy, when I was based out of first Reykjavik, Iceland and the Jacksonville, FL. When I'm not talking sports, watching sports or playing sports, I'm either at a poker table or asleep. I consider myself a good, not yet great poker player. I play a couple regular house tournaments a month and hope to take my act to Vegas in the near future.

3) A sports-themed bio paragraph. Favorite team? Players? Did you play as a kid? Now? What and when? Best sports moment? Most heartbreaking moment? etc.
I inherited an addiction to the Minnesota Vikings from my dad, and acquired a fascination for baseball, hockey and basketball early on. Some of my earliest memories of fandom were Fran Tarkenton and Jim Marshall's retirements and the trading of Rod Carew. This taught me all about heartbreak and disapointment. I remember spending summer nights listening to Herb Carneal call Twins games on the radio at an early age. I was 9 when they cleaned house and started over with some kids named Hrbek, Gaetti, Brunansky and Viola. I can still remember watching Kirby Puckett's first ever game on tv. I grew up with that team, and that 87 Series will always be my fondest sports memory.

4) What about your franchise is most exciting going into Season 8? What is your team's biggest challenge? Anything else about your squad?
I've got what looks like a good young core group to build around. The challenge is to develop a pitching staff to get them to the postseason.

5)What piece of strategy or advice can you offer about HBD?
Well, I'm just getting back into this, so I'm in no position to give advice on HBD....but at the table, if you're going to raise pre-flop, man up and put some real chips on the table, doubling the blind only makes you look like the dead fish at the table.


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