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S8 1st Half Review-Teams

Not too many surprises thus far in the Senior Circuit. Fargo continues to dominate the regular season with 61 wins at the halfway point. Anaheim and Atlanta are again pacing their respective divisions. The entire NL South, however, has been in a funk with no team playing better than .465 ball, and none worse than .417. This division battle may go down to the final games if no team kicks it in.

There are some teams showing great improvement, though. The Vancouver Maintaineers, who have never finished over .500, are tied for second in the NL West and should be in the thick of the playoff hunt. The Tacoma Typhoon are also hovering around .550 and should figure into the wildcard chase. typhoon26 is doing a quick rebuild job in the Pacific Northwest in only his second season.

Over in the Junior Circuit, Montreal, Jackson, and Alburquerque are all in first and looking to continue their string of divisions titles. In the AL East, San Juan's run of 4 straight flags is in jeopardy with Boston and Diego Santana currently holding a 5-game edge.

Elsewhere in the AL, Jacksonville continues their impressive rise from the depths of .198 ball in S5. bballc took over for S6 and they've gone from .500 to .519 to .595 this season. They are currently leading the Wild Card chase and could make their 1st ever postseason trip. And the Las Vegas Longballers look to have turned a corner as they are again playing good ball and threatening the wild card hunt.


mnnorthstars said…
You forgot about the North Stars, who were pretty bad in the first half last season but jumped out of the gate to start this year and led the Wild Card race (i.e., the best possible thing they could do in the Brett Tracy Division) at the half.

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