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S8 1st Half Review-Offense

C/1B Peter Mitchell was signed by Colorado for a paltry 2.8M halfway through spring training, when he got no love during the free-agency signing period. And while Colorado has certainly struggled in the thin air, it's no fault of Mitchell, who is leading all hitters with both his .386 avg and .476 obp.

Fargo's $10M dollar man, Ringo Weston, has had many fine seasons, but nothing close to the nightmare he's been for pitchers this season at .374/.445/.538.

Jackson's former top draft pick Al Maurer has also taken his game to a new level. He's currently at .373/.448/.698 and after going yard 34 times last season, he's already dropped 28 bombs in only 81 games during the current campaign. Maurer also leads the league in OPS at 1.146.

Speaking of dingers, Albuquerque's young one-sacker, Pablo Vincente, is leading the way with 33 first-half homeruns. He hit 44 in his rookie campaign last season. Vincente also leads the league with 102 RBIs.

There are three players that have amassed an impressive 20 HRs and 30 SBs in only half a season. Scranton's Mikey Tatum is hitting .305/.392/.574 and has 25 doubles, 20 homeruns, 57 RBIs, a 40/36 BB/K ration, and a whopping 55/57 stolen base record.

Almost as impressive is Albuquerque's Roger Scalici, who is hitting .300/.391/.632 while ripping 19 doubles, 10 triples, 21 homeruns, 73 RBIs and 42(out of 44) swipes. And he still has 80 games to play in!

Then there is San Juan's Rogers Glynn. The 24 year-old first-basemen is the only player to already go 30-30. He's hitting .272/.370/.605, not to mention 30 homers, 70 ribbies, 35/38 in stolen base attempts, and a 48/48 BB/K ratio.

While his numbers have come back down to earth after least season's MVP run, Anaheim's Kip White leads the league in free passes with 86 already and recently passed the career 1,000 mark for base on balls.

And while Atlanta's Kelvim Woodward is tied for the lead in only one offensive category(triples with 10), he's among the top 10 in so many other categories he deserves some high praise: .322/.385/.678, 82 runs, 17 doubles, 10 triples, 29 homers, 96 RBIs, 21 stolen bases, and a 1.063 OPS.

Salem's young CF Pedro Lopez is leading the league in stolen bases with 61 vs. 2 caught thus far, but since Mr. Lopez doesn't get to steal first base, his value is limited since he carries with him a .236/.266/.296 line.


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