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Baseball America's Capra Top 40 Prospects

1. Gregory Roth 21, SP Anaheim- Season 40 2nd Overall Pick
    -Roth looks set to anchor the Anteater rotation as Anaheim completes another successful rebuild
2. Dorssys Arcia 19, SP Los Angeles- Season 41 International $23.3 Million
    - Crown jewel of S41 international bidding, in the same season LA traded Livingstone, Arcia looks likely to continue the legacy.
3. Shooter Smyth 22, SP Augusta- Season 38 5th Overall Pick
    - Top 3 pitchers are nearly interchangeable, Shooter could easily hold the top spot and may see the majors this season
4. Beamer McCallum 20, 1B Chicago- Season 41 1st Overall Pick
    - Top hitting prospect in Capra, dominated the minors last season, future MVP candidate
5. Albert Espinoza 23, C Iowa City- Season 40 International $14 Million
    - Acquired from Chicago last season, will anchor the Harvesters lineup and provide excellent value at catcher
6. Amp Brooks 19, SP Hartford- Season 41 2nd Overall Pick
    - Hartford is tough on pitchers but Brooks looks to have the ability to overcome that by the time he arrives in 2-3 seasons
7. Reynaldo Schoop 19, OF Atlanta- Season 41 International $11 Million
   - Big time power at age 19 and a switch hitter, Schoop could find himself with a ML role sooner rather than later
8. Maicer Guerrero 21, OF/1B Nashville- Season 39 4th Overall Pick
    - Left handed bat with strong overall hitting ratings, hit .345 at AA last season and is the top prospect in perhaps the top farm system in Capra
9. Andres Butera 22, 1B Nashville- Season 38 International $24.8 Million
   - Big money signing who will likely reach the majors this season. Butera/Guerrero will anchor the Nashville lineup moving forward
10. Felipe Sosa 21, 3B Anaheim- Season 39 International $14 Million
    - Lefthanded bat, will hit the majors soon. Likely a solid ML player, occasional all star
11. Thom Joseph 20, OF/1B Los Angeles- Season 40 3rd Overall Pick
    - Main piece coming back to LA in last seasons Livingstone trade. Saw huge jumps in ratings last season and could reach the majors this season
12. Emil Martinez 25, SP Minnesota- Season 38 4th Overall Pick
    - Well overdue to make his ML debut. Durability rating is his only real question mark
13. Jeffrey O'Dowd 20, RP El Paso- Season 40 17th Overall Pick
    - Looks primed to be the next top 100+ inning reliever, big season of development upcoming
14. Harvey Bixler 21, DH Cleveland- Season 39 13th Overall Pick
    - Hit .375 at High A last season, will be a complete hitter that can hit at the top or the middle of the order
15. Connor Gillheeney 21, 2B Oakland- Season 39 3rd Overall Pick
    - The face of the move from Fresno to Oakland, could also end up in CF
16. Woodie Epps 19, 2B/CF Kansas City- Season 41 18th Overall Pick
     - Strong overall player who could fill many spots on the field and hit at the top of the order
17. Justin Rapada 20, P Durham- Season 40 4th Overall Pick
    - Rapada will have strong pitching splits, stamina may not be high enough to be a regular starting pitcher though
18. Odrisamer Park 21, CF Nashville- Season 39 8th Overall Pick
    - Above average power will play well at CF as Nashville rises to contender status
19. Ray McDermott 19, SP San Diego- Season 41 3rd Overall Pick
    - 4 strong pitches, only question will be if his splits rise enough
20 Manuel Blasco 19, OF Durham- Season 41 4th Overall Pick
    - Left handed bat and strong contact ratings will make Blasco a top hitter
21. Sammy Bailey 25, 3B San Diego- Season 39 1st Overall Pick
    - Former top pick, won't reach the expectations of that slot but will be a solid major leaguer
22. Jenrry Ordaz 24, SP Minnesota- Season 36 International $14 million
    - Primed to debut this season along with Martinez to anchor the North Stars rotation
23. Ken Brown 21, OF Honolulu- Season 39 7th Overall Pick
    - Part of an up and coming franchise in Honolulu, acquired from STL last season
24. Juan Carlos Campos 19, 1B Atlanta- Season 41 International $10.1 million
    - Campos and Schoop came in undervalued in bidding last season and highlight a thin Atlanta farm system
25. Lorenzo Acevedo 20, SP Nashville- Season 40 5th Overall Pick
    - Control is the only question mark for Acevedo
26. Zac Hogg 22, SP Iowa City- Season 38 2nd Overall Pick
    - Former top pick fell out of favor in Hartford, will get his chance in Iowa this season
27. Audry Neruda 20, SS/3B Nashville- Season 40 International $11.8 Million
    - If Neruda can develop his ratings to play SS he moves further up this list
28. Kendry Moreno 22, SP San Diego- Season 38 1st Overall Pick
    - Never developed against right handed hitters as expected but will be a solid part of a strong San Diego rotation
29. Patrick Wooten 20, 1B Syracuse- Season 40 22nd Overall Pick
    - Top prospect in the Syracuse system, will be a solid bat likely debuting in 2 seasons
30. Fabio Skinner 21, RP Little Rock- Season 39 25h Overall Pick
    - A steal at the end of the 1st round, will be capable of throwing 150 innings out of the bullpen
31. Lastings Melton 23, C Mexico City- Season 37 45th Overall Pick
    - The centerpiece of the Malachi Greene trade with El Paso, will debut this season in the majors
32 Stubby Osborne 19, 2B Nashville- Season 41 5th Overall Pick
    - Solid bat, if his range develops to play CF he becomes infinitely more valuable
33. Duke Wise 20, 2B Jacksonville- Season 41 9th Overall Pick
34. Calvin Donald C Milwaukee- Season 37 35th Overall Pick
35. Juan Martinez 19, SS Mexico City- Season 41 International $12 Million
36. Tony Lee 20, 3B Los Angeles- Season 40 International $18.5 Million
37.McKay Hughes 22, RP Oakland- Season 38 3rd overall pick
38. Willie Arroyo 22, SP Little Rock- Season 38 International $10.5 Million
39. Augie Woolf 21, DH Los Angeles- Season 41 29th Overall Pick
40. Robby Herrera 21, 1B San Diego- Season 39 33rd Overall Pick

Nashville- 6 Prospects
San Diego- 4 Prospects
Los Angeles- 4 Prospects


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