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5 Minutes with moethedog

moethedog has been running the Syracuse Sicilians in the NL East since Capra's 15th season. During this run the Sicilians have won a World Series (26) and battled in the Series five more times.

1/What If Sports. How long have you been on the site, and how did you end up here? What is your favorite game here? Favorite team or experience on the site? 
          I first came to HBD (and Capra) in Year 15. I had played several seasons, with mixed results, in SimLeague Baseball. I was lucky enough to win a Tournament of Champion in the theme leagues and used that chunk of credit to take the HBD dive. I loved it from Day 1. HBD is the ONLY game I play. I’ve resisted others simply because I have enough of a jones for this one. I was lucky enough to win a Capra World Series a while back. I was also lucky enough to lose 5 WS in 8 seasons, just recently. I have to admit to loving all of it.
2/Sports. What are your favorite teams in the real world? Favorite players and/or sports memories? What drives you crazy about sports or sports culture? 
          I’m a big Seattle Mariners fan. I’m a graduate of the University of Oregon, Class of ’79, so I’m a pretty large Duck fan, too. Back in the day, when I was attending, the Ducks were terrible in football (anybody remember the Bottom Ten rankings?), or beyond terrible (if you were there, you know what I’m talking about). To really appreciate the recent football success you have to had experienced the dismal years, too. We were pretty decent in b-ball back then (The Kamikaze Kids). I will say that only 8 teams made the tournament WAY back then. Hey, we won an NCAA game tonight! Go Ducks! I’m a big Tom Brady fan and like the Packers, as well. Still remember the Ice Bowl. And it was the Miracle Mets of ’69 that really ignited my baseball love.
3/Music. What are the last three things you listened to? All-time three favorite artists? Best show you've seen?
          Probably Sinatra, Mellencamp, and some 1940s jazz (My ring-tone is Louis Prima’s Sing Sing Sing). All-time favs are Buffett (saw him 7-8 times, even before he was famous), Sinatra, and Springsteen . . . maybe. Favorite shows were Buffett, Jerry Jeff Walker, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull and . . . (yes) Elvis (Winter of ’76).
4/Aside from sports and music, what are your favorite hobbies, films, books, etc? What might surprise us about your interests?
          I love movies where people actually talk and there is nuance. Hollywood doesn’t do that anymore. Sigh. I was once a highly competitive scratch-type golfer, but practice too much now and play too little. Mostly now you will find me standing in a river chasing steelhead with a flyrod. In November I try to topple an elk. I read anything and everything (really), especially loving history (which I teach) and Ivan Doig. I recently ended 6 terms as Mayor, have been a Port Commissioner for more than two decades, am directly involved in regional economic development, am a state-wide leader in an alternative energy field, was once named one of Oregon’s 50 Great Leaders, and am finishing my 35th year as a HS teacher. My wife teaches as well. I have a daughter who is a sophomore at the University of Montana. She was an All-State Volleyball player. My youngest daughter, (pictured with yours truly) was All-League in B-ball and Homecoming Queen this year. She’s heading to Oregon State. I’ve been blessed, to say the least.


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