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5 Minutes with jeclapton123

jeclapton123 manages the San Juan Scorpions in the NL East. He is in his second stint in Capra.

1/What If Sports. How long have you been on the site, and how did you end up here? What is your favorite game here? Favorite team or experience on the site? 
          I joined HBD because of my best friend, chazzzzzz, who many of you know from the early days of Capra. I was a member of Capra from season 5 through season 14. I took a break from HBD for a while when daily fantasy was first taking off, but I really enjoy HBD and I got the urge one day to check back with Capra and see how things were doing in the league. Much to my surprise, not only was there a slot available in Capra, but it was actually my original franchise that I had acquired back when I first joined! 
         My favorite game on WIS is definitely HBD. I've tried some of the sim leagues, but they don't compare to HBD for me. I spend most of my time on WIS between two HBD leagues, Capra and Mordecai. I'm wrapping up my third and final season in Fingers.
Favorite team/experience: Although I didn't win a World Series out of it, I did manage to take my team (Iowa City Harvesters) to the World Series in four consecutive seasons. That was a pretty awesome experience. 

2/Sports. What are your favorite teams in the real world? Favorite players and/or sports memories? What drives you crazy about sports or sports culture? 
          I've always been a fan of the Minnesota teams, since I'm born and raised here in the state. I'm a Twins fan and will be going to the home opener in a few weeks, so I'm pretty excited for that experience. 
          I can list off several players in each of the major sports that are my favorites. 

  • NFL- My all time favorites are Barry Sanders and Walter Payton, but my current favorites are Larry Fitzgerald, Russell Wilson, and Von Miller.
  • MLB-I was always a fan of Kirby Puckett as a young Minnesotan, but I also was a die hard Griffey fan as well. He was 2nd only to Puckett for me back in the day. Mike Trout is a player I really enjoy watching in the modern era.
  • I'd have to say that the item that drives me crazy about sports today is ticket prices. WAY too expensive! 
  • Favorite memory is the 1991 World Series. The catch by Puckett in game 6 as well as his homer to send the series to game 7 were absolutely unbelievable. Also, the performance by Jack Morris in game 7 was an event that just blew my mind as a 7 year old. It's also the last time our state has seen a world championship from any of the major sports teams, excluding the WNBA. The women's basketball team, the Lynx, is the best team in the state at this moment.
3/Music. What are the last three things you listened to? All-time three favorite artists? Best show you've seen? 
          Music is something I've always had a passion for in life. I love everything from jazz to metal. My three favorite artists are John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, and Gov't Mule. The last three things I listened to are "Anyhow" by Tedeschi Trucks Band, "Another Brick in the Wall" by Brit Floyd(an AMAZING British cover band), and "Thrill is Gone" by BB King.
          I can't really pick a favorite show, because I've seen so many great musicians in concert. Live music is something I've always loved, because it allows the musicians to truly open up and share their heart and soul with the listener in the moment. I'll list off some of the acts I've seen in concert. Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Joe Bonamassa, Gov't Mule, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Derek Trucks, Robert Randolph, Bela Fleck, Steve Earle. I will say that I've seen Los Lobos and Derek Trucks more times than any other musician I've listed. I've seen Derek Trucks in his new band or in his original band a combined total of six times.  

4/Aside from sports and music, what are your favorite hobbies, films, books, etc? What might surprise us about your interests?
          Sports and music comprise a large percentage of my interests. I'm a trivia buff as well, so I'm always someone who can give you the most obscure fact about something you may or may not care about. My favorite film of all time is 12 Angry MenA surprising fact about my interests is that in spite of my screen name referencing a guitar legend, I do not know how to play the guitar. 

5/Survival. Where are you from originally, and where are you living now? How do you pay your bills, assuming you do?  
          I was born in Minnesota. I've lived in Minnesota for my entire life and I don't intend to move out of the state. I've lived in my hometown for approximately 80% of my life (6 years away out of my 31 years of life). I'm working in retail right now selling electronics and answering any and every question about your cell phone, iPad, TV, game console you can think of in this world. However, I do have a college degree in chemistry, but the lab life was too stressful for me, so I'm looking in another direction at this point in time. We'll see where life takes me. :) 


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