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Owner Interview: rls1

He is CAPRA's hard working commishioner. He runs the most respected (and hated) franchise in the league. As an owner, he has impressive collection of 19 division titles and 4 (!) world series titles. Here is an exclusive interview with rls1.

1. What is your RL situation (age, location, family, career)?
42. Indianapolis. Grew up in Southern California. Married for 15 years. Two daughters, ages 11 and 5. Teach writing at Butler University.

2. Favorite Capra player on your own team? On someone else's team?
Currently, our 1B, Ismael Maduro. All-time, his predecessor and Hall-of-Famer, Kip White. Elsewhere, I like to see players that we drafted and developed do well with other teams.

3. Biggest HBD blunder?
Dropped out of the International Market a few seasons ago. When you pick near the end of the 1st round every season, that makes it hard to develop any prospects at all. Now we've got nothing in the system and time is about to run out on whatever run we've had going.

4. Your general HBD team building strategy?
Pitching #1, Defense #2, Offense #3. Subsequently, we suffer with a weak offense most seasons and are eliminated from the postseason when we run into great pitchers.The fun challenge is finding how to get better at #3 without sacrificing #1 or #2.

5. If you could add/improve any feature to HBD, what would it be?
I'd like to have individual settings for base stealing. Currently, Maduro has been throw out in 27 of his 30 career base stealing attempts. He really shouldn't try again. But the engine is going to keep sending him unless I also stop my rabbits from running.

6. One interesting RL fact about yourself.
-Once spent a night in jail with sjstapleton.-Made music video debut in James McMurtry's 1995 clip "Where'd You Hide the Body." (around the 50 second mark)-Chipped one of my front teeth while getting drunk in Tijuana at age 19. As horny as I was, and drunk, refused the Mexican bar whore eyeballing me.-Have around 15,000 old baseball cards somewhere in my attic.-Workout playlist (on shuffle)Ted Leo "I Got Your Number"Iron Maiden "Die With Your Boots On"Rage Against the Machine "Sleep Now in the Fire"Sugar "Tilted"AC/DC "For Those About to Rock"Bob Mould "Sacrifice/Let There be Peace"Metallica "St. Anger"White Stripes "Fell in Love with a Girl"


Anonymous said…
And I thought that I bought the only copy of black sheets of rain.
Anonymous said…
while you were in jail, did you find a way to communicate with the other prisoners?
Anonymous said…
I tried, but my goddamned brother kept shushing me. What a missed opportunity to speak in prison code, right?

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