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Owner Interview: bursny483

Burnsy, owner of the Cinncinati Roses and reigning Capra champion, has 11 HBD seasons under his belt. In that short time, he's amassed an impressive .541 winning pct, to go with 5 division titles and 6 playoff appearances. He's been more than kind in volunteering to be our first owner to be interviewed. On to the questions!

1. What is your RL situation (age, location, family, career)? I'm 28, live in the NYC area, and work in the sports and entertainment field.

2. Favorite Capra player on your own team? On someone else's team? My favorite player on my team is probably Coco Hentgen. I had the first pick of the draft in my first year here, and I'm proud of my selection. He's a franchise player, and will be a star at 2B for quite some time. My favorite player on another team is Bruce Harper. He's been a beast his whole career, and I always love a good power hitter. Within my division, it's Alex Valdes. Whenever Mike gets sick of him, I'd be happy to take him off his hands.

3. Biggest HBD blunder? One year I thought the amateur draft was a day later than it actually was. Luckily I ran my formula builder once beforehand, PM but I didn't get to do more preparation.

4. Your general HBD team building strategy? Overall, I try not to limit myself to any particular strategy, and just try to put myself in the best possible position based on what's available to me. But I like to play to my ballpark, so I'm a fan of power hitters. I also like to get above average defense at each position, if possible. And I've always thought it's important to have at least one true ace on your staff, and that it becomes more important in the postseason. This past year proved me right.

5. If you could add/improve any feature to HBD, what would it be? I'd like the HOF to be fixed. It's probably my biggest (and probably irrational) pet peeve with the game. If a handful of owners are apathetic to their world's HOF, PM you're significantly less likely to get anyone in. I think people should be voted in based on % of those who actually vote to alleviate this issue, and I like to see less players have the ability to be nominated. I can see how that could make the whole process a little overwhelming.

6. One interesting RL fact about yourself. My first ever trip to Fenway Park (probably my favorite ballpark) was in July of 1994. I witnessed an unassisted triple play by John Valentin, and being the baseball dork I am, was the only person in my section who recognized the feat that we all just saw. Years later, I remembered that a Seattle prospect made his major league debut at SS that game, and in looking back at the box score, found out that it was Alex Rodriguez.


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