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Top 5 Pitchers

Here are five guys with the nastiest stuff in CAPRA. Introducing the Top 5 Pitchers:

5.) Rick Christiansen, 33, Cleveland Spiders (4 Cy Youngs, 8 AS) - The guy just keeps winning and winning. Christiansen more than makes up for a pedestrian control rating with outstanding splits and solid pitches.

4.) Charlie Gulan, 25, Tampa Bay Hot Dogs (2 Cy Youngs, 2 AS) - Gulan combines excellent vR split with pin-point control. He's the ace of a dominating Tampa staff. What makes him even more valuable is his durability: He's already thrown over 240+ innings twice in his young career.

3.) Christian Grim, 34, Cincinnati Roses (2 Cy Youngs, 8 AS) - He basically single-handily won the world series last season for Cincy. When he's on, the "Grim Reaper" will absolutely shut down any offense. Excellent splits and control, plus four different pitches rated 61 or higher.

2.) Jose Sosa, 29, Anaheim Anteaters (1 Cy Young, 3 AS, RoY) - He has a 1.05 career WHIP and 2.76 career ERA. The player with the most annoying sunglasses in baseball history is also a key ingredient in Anaheim's dynasty. With a 98 makeup and incredible vR and Sosa should be able to maintain his dominance well into his late 30's.

1.) Bruce Dellucci, 29, Jackson Rage (2 Cy Youngs, 6 AS, RoY) - The best pitcher in the Capra world has to be Dellucci. He has no weakness - his splits, control, FB/GB ratings are all 90+. Add in excellent velocity and four solid pitches, and it's easy to see why Dellucci has a career ERA of 2.59.

Honorable Mention: Junior Hernandez, 21, Seattle Picards (RoY) - Junior still has a lot to prove, but with splits that should both develop into the 90's, plus 97 velocity rating, he should be an elite pitcher for many seasons to come.


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