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The Greatest Home Run EVER HIT!!!

Flashback to Season 17. The young, upstart Seattle Picards are facing the mighty Cleveland Spiders. Cleveland is heavily favored, but the Picards scratch and claw their way to a deciding game 7.

It's the bottom of the 9th and the Spiders are up by three runs. Cleveland brings in their ace closer, Slash Clay, to slam the door. It looks apparent that Seattle's dream season will come up just short.

The Picards manage to get two runners on base, but there are two outs now and the Picards are down to their last breath. Quiet, steady SS Willy O'Connor steps up to the plate. All he wants to do is just make contact with the ball.

Then, Clay offers up one of his signature fastballs. Willy swings with all his might. CRACK!!! The ball flies off the bat into the Cleveland night sky. The Spider fans stare in disbelief. The Picards dugout erupts in joy. IT'S A HOMERUN!!!

The normally subdued Seattle announcer/android/bat boy Data begins to scream, "I can't believe it! It's a home run! It's a bottom of the 9th, Game 7 of the world series, two out, 3-run home run to tie the game!!! Unbelievable! My emotion chip is starting to overload!"

Incredibly, the Picards went on to win game 7 in the 10th inning, as former Spider Raul Costilla launched a home run as well.


dcbove said…
This is how totally awesome that homer was:

Kirby Puckett's game-winning, extra-inning homer in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series is generally considered one of the most thrilling home runs of all time.

Raul Costilla's 10th inning home run described above was Puckett's homer PLUS it was in Game 7 rather than Game 6. Tons cooler.

Now think of this: Raul Costilla's home run was only the second most thrilling home run in that game. It is a footnote to O'Connor's dramatic home run!

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