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S21 NL Preview

The National League should be highly competitive this year. As the season gets ready to kick off, there are no clear "rebuilding" clubs and several teams are hovering around the .500 mark talent-wise. All this should make S21 a fun season, full of surprise dark horse teams and down-to-the-wire division races. However, expect defending champs Tampa Bay, Anaheim and Louisville to stay well above the pack and go deep into the playoffs.

NL West
1.) Anaheim Anteaters (100-62)
2.) Vancouver Maintaineers (90-72)
3.) St. Louis Archers (81-81)
4.) Seattle Picards (76-86)

Anaheim should be able to coast to the division title again. Vancouver looks primed for another playoff run. Seattle and a quickly improving St. Louis squad will likely battle it out for 3rd place.

NL South
1.) Jacksonville Bulls (83-79)
2.) Little Rock Travelers (79-83)
3.) Florida SunRays (79-83)
4.) Huntington Honey Badgers (76-86)

The NL South is a wide open division. Any one of the four teams could surprise and win it. Expect this race to go down to the wire. Who wins it is any one's guess.

NL East
1.) Louisville Redbirds (101-61)
2.) Tampa Bay Hot Dogs (100-62)
3.) Syracuse Sicilians (86-76)
4.) Rochester Killer Bees (76-86)

Defending champs Tampa Bay and arch-rival Louisville will likely be neck and neck all season. It should be an exciting division. Sicilians look to contend for a wild card spot. Rochester, with their solid pitching, may surprise.

NL North
1.) Toronto Beavers (81-81)
2.) Minnesota North Stars (77-85)
3.) New York Yanks (77-85)
4.) New Britain Squids (77-85)

Another wide open division that any of the teams might win. Like the NL South, expect the North to have a wild and crazy season.

Division Winners: Anaheim (bye), Louisville (bye), Jacksonville, Toronto
Wild Cards: Tampa Bay, Vancouver
NL Champs: Louisville


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