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Monterrey Campéones Season 20 Preview

After making their 3rd consecutive ALCS appearance, and celebrating 8 straight AL South division titles, Monterrey is back to compete for the title again. Monterrey said goodbye to two more of their longtime heroes, but hope with some new faces to make another deep run in the playoffs.


Perennial All-Star Alfonso Cortez is back after signing a lucrative contract to anchor the Campéones infield. Vinny Holmes returns to man the hot corner. The right side of the infield is brand new, with defensive wizard Lance Plant at second, and rookie Juan Brogna at first. Veteran professional hitter Stan Lee will take time out from his budding career as a comic book artist to play some first base and help mentor Brogna. Ralph Daniels will hope to rebound from a very disappointing year last year, while Orlando Javier brings his stellar defensive skills and occasional pop back for another year. Ivan Soriano comes over from Madison to back up any and all positions. Javier Leon still owns a catcher's mitt, but is expected to mash homers from the DH spot again this season.


Fans used to seeing Al Maurer patrol right field for the home team will have a new look this year as Al has headed on to the West Coast. Marshall Allen, Jim Heathcott, and Seth Knowles will all see time in the side outfield spots, while Alejandro Gutierrez will continue his stellar play in center field.


Livan Lee got a big payday to head north, leaving a sizable hole in Monterrey's rotation. Enos Garciaparra assumes the nominal ace role, but he, Rock McCarty, and Desi Martin will combine to present a formidable Big Three in the rotation. Albie Alvarez and Haywood Melton will round out the rotation.


Several signings and trades have bolstered the bullpen, making it one of the elite crews in the league. Fireman of the Year Taylor Bowie returns to own the ninth inning. Melvin Hernandez signed a big contract to bring the heat in a setup role for the next five years, while former closers Victor Martin (Louisville) and Kevin Sodowsky (Los Angeles) will patrol the middle to late innings. Youngsters Cutter Boudreau and Ahmed Ford will round out a deep and powerful pen.


Fans demand nothing less than continued playoff success, and with continued good play from the top of the order and continued good health, this team will look to deliver the goods once again. The farm will be very busy this summer, with several big bats ready to come up and contribute with the big club if events warrant.


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