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S19 Power Ranking (Pre-season)

1. Anaheim Anteaters (NL)

After seasons of frustration, finally crowned Capra champion.

2. Cleveland Spiders (AL)

With Anteaters finally winning, is Cleveland next?

3. Monterrey Campeones (AL)

Seven straight division titles.

4. Seattle Picards (NL)

Perfecting the art of the 3-run HR.

5. Ottawa Ice (AL)

Solid team built around superstars SP Trenidad Espinosa, 1B Alex Valdes.

6. Helena Howling Sukube (AL)

Coming off franchise best W-L record.

7. Vancouver Maintaineers (NL)

Streaky. Dangerous. Canadian.

8. Cincinnati Roses (AL)

Mid-season trades put them over the top. Can they keep it up?

9. Louisville Redbirds (NL)

Full of ML-ready prospects.

10. Iowa City Tornadoes (NL)

Well-rounded offense and pitching staff.


mnnorthstars said…
I'm better than Cincy. I can usually beat vikes. I'm probably supposed to be #6 or #7 on your list.
Shina Willson said…
very informative and interesting blog.
Thanks for sharing:-)
bbartel said…
Well, my plan is to update the power rankings throughout the season, so it wouldn't surprise me if you jump up list, northstars.

Hey, shina, take your handbags (or whatever you're selling) and go clog up a different blog site.
bbartel said…
oops, up the list.
Christopher said…
We'll see how Cincy looks after the FA period. Might be higher, might be lower. Hard to tell when we have 15 guys on the ML roster right now. :)
bbartel said…
Yeah, Christopher. I know your team was AWESOME 2nd half last season. Rudy Hayes and co. really did well. I wasn't sure where to rank you yet because of all the openings you have.
dcb said…
I appreciate the kind ranking of the Spiders, but the subtext of your comment is "Perhaps they'll stop choking!" :) We hope.

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