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Three Questions

from canadadry:

1) Let's assume the following definition of the word Tanking: to intentionally field a team that is weaker than possible in order to draft higher in the draft or spend more payroll on IFA's. Let's also assume that Tanking has impacts on our game (eg. team parity)

My question is this: While there may be impacts to tanking, are any of these impacts negative? If so, which one's and why?

2) The draft and IFA's are the best ways to secure long term player talent. This talent is necessary to sustain long term success in HBD. So why is Capra seeking to curb and restrict the actions of owners who are seeking to maximize their draft potential and increase their activity in the IFA market?

3) If restrictions are implemented to keep a team from drafting better or using all their resources to sign IFAs, are we not simply restricting their ability to improve the future of their team? And is this behaviour, therefore, entirely counterproductive to a league that is seeking to have all their teams be as competitive as possible?

For the record, I see absolutely no negative implications of a team tanking. On the contrary, I would argue that an owner who is willing to spend their money to lose for two or three seasons, while building a long term strategy for success is the best owner any World can hope to attract. Tanking does not ruin a franchise. It rebuilds it. What ruins a franchise is the strategy of cleaning out the cupboard in trades for aging vets, in the hopes of winning NOW and then leaving the world when half the ML roster is up for FA and there isn't one worthwhile prospect in the whole organization. That is what is wrong with HBD. Thank goodness for Tankers. Bring on the Tankers. We need more people willing to spend money and lose big in an attempt to become the world's next great dynasty. We need more Tankers!


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