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Some Thoughts

from jketchum:

I’ve been asked my opinion on this topic in private so I’ve decided to post it to have my “vote counted” if you will.

I’m in 8 leagues, some of which are half assed public leagues where I have to struggle to get a simple response on a trade veto all the way to this league, which I consider to be an “advanced owner’s league”. What I mean by advanced owners is you don’t see a lot of stupid trades (except for getting trade raped for Brett Tracy in my first season by jacksonville) or moves that are overly questionable. We are all very thoughtful in how we run our franchises. We for the most part are all vets and understand budgets, ratings, and how to generally field a decent team.

Froidl, teams can be rebuilt without clearly throwing games or keeping 26 year old studs at AA forever. Are your teams going to dominant the next 10 seasons, which was clearly what you were trying to do? Probably not, but I’ve rebuilt teams, and it doesn’t take 5 awful seasons and hoarding talent to win a division or rebuild. Clearly you are abusing the system. Calling out Dcbove on Enrique Astacio was almost comical; he’s 21 and never repeated a level. Would I bring him up? You bet, but he isn’t my player and he isn’t clearly trying to cheat the system. For those that will say they develop better in the minors I’d argue that with playing time and the better coaching at the big league level they develop just as quickly, but again Astacio has never repeated a level and next season, if kept at AA, yeah, I would scratch my head a little and since the precedent has been set with froidl we would need to call out Dcbove.

As for Froidl, do I want to see him gone? No, not really. The guy is a great owner, he’s proven that, and we should all welcome the challenge to compete against him. That’s what this is all about but he does need to adhere to whatever the league sees fit. As to what plan I would endorse, I feel that a win % of .340 is easily attained and keeps things competitive. After a season under that bench mark, the team in question goes on probation. If it happens two seasons in a row, they're gone. That’s 55 wins a year no limitations on what you do with your money or your payroll.


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