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The Competitive Balance Discussion

In light of recent events, we will vote upon and implement some kind of baseline for performance at the major league level. This will take effect with the onset of S15.

That said, I think we would all like to make this new standard be as non-intrusive as possible so that each owner can continue to build their team as he/she see fit. It is, of course, difficult to meet both of these seemingly opposed ideals, but we're going to do our level best.

We will accept proposals over the next 72 hours. For those of you who have voiced concern or complaints, this is your chance to help fix the problem. We will then move forward with the most viable options in a vote to be held via sitemail. We can't really hold it here since voting/posting anonymously here could lead to a Florida-style count.

You are free to post your solutions here in the comments section, either logged in or anonymously, send them to me and I'll post for you, or post them here yourselves if you are a registered user. If you are not but would like to post your own ideas, shoot me your email address and I'll send you an invite to become a registered author on the blog.

I will proceed now with the first couple of ideas.


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