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Trade Winds in Jacksonville

A source in Jacksonville says that Sid Watson's career with the Juggernauts is hanging on by a thread. The closer has struggled the past couple of seasons after an incredibly strong breakout season two years ago. He is currently sporting a 7.90 ERA and already has 5 blown saves and 3 losses in only 19 games played.
In a recent interview with ESPN, coach Dry seemed caught off guard when asked about Watson’s future. Long time Major League reporter, Ima Presguy, asked Dry if the team was thinking of trading Watson. “Trading Watson? Why would you ask that? He’s got nearly 200 saves in his career and he’s only 28 years old. He’s an all-star presence in our bullpen and he’s been a huge part of our team’s success over the past few seasons. I just don’t understand why you would even bring that up?”

But despite coach Dry’s attempts to seem stunned, sources from the team say that Watson is being shopped around. “He’s a great pitcher with a ton of good baseball left in him. He’s just not performing well right now and maybe he just needs a change of scenery”, said one source close to the team.


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Jose Almonte
Years Active: -2 to 11
Years with North Stars: 0-11
Claim to fame: 1,496 consecutive games played (Capra record)
Awards: All-Star (1, 4), Silver Slugger (4)

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Hardball Dynasty'sWesley Wilson
Wesley Wilson
Years active: 27-41
Years with North Stars: 36-41
Claim to fame: 98 RBI on a dismal 96-loss team in 37

Wilson had a long career and finished it with 3 straight seasons hitting over .300 with the club. His .322/.381/.547 slash line at age 34 was impressive.

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