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Where Capra Ranks

A recent trend in the HBD forums has been to attempt to rank all 150 or so HBD Worlds using varying methods. Somebody devises a statistical methodology and then punches in data for all the worlds and posts the results, which are followed, of course, by many pages of debate on the validity of said rankings.

tecwrg recently posted his rankings which are based upon the # of -(minus) plays within each world's most recently completed season. His theory is that quality worlds care about defense and will not either play people out of position or in spots that will be detrimental to the team's ability to execute the fundamentals. Out of 142 worlds, his system ranked Capra at #18. Not bad. Another way to think about his rankings, though, is to consider the positive difference between + plays and - plays(see his chart). If his rankings were ordered that way, Capra would come in at #5 overall. Now that's more like it.

98greenc5 posted a different set of rankings this morning that is based on competitive balance and the number of teams who deviate from an average of all the worlds by considering Wins, Runs Allowed, and Unearned Runs Allowed. His formula gets more complicated from there because he weights Wins to 50% and the others to 25%. Still follow? In any case, he finds Capra at #36 out of 137 worlds, but says that his methodology might unfavorably reward newer worlds that have had less opportunity for variance. (See addendum below)

The original attempt to rank the worlds was much more unscientific and based upon participant input. We also scored well there. The user who started this thread seems to be no longer active in cataloging input.

Addendum: 98greenc5 has revised his rankings with an allowance for # of seasons completed. This pushes Capra now up to #22.


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