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Separated at Birth?

In the S5 Amateur Draft, 3B Trenidad Rios was selected with the 19th overall pick by the Anahaim Anteaters. That same season, Anaheim paid a whopping $12.3M bonus to sign 18 year-old 3B Moises Guzman from the Dominican Republic.

Both right-handed sluggers with solid defense at the corner, Rios and Guzman are similar physical specimens, with Guzman just 1 inch taller and about 10 pounds heavier. The big difference is that Guzman has better health and durability, but otherwise it'd be hard to tell them apart.

The following season, Anaheim traded Guzman to Jacksonville for soon to be All-Star SS Delino Julio. Guzman proceeded to rip apart minor league pitching for the next few seasons and is currently in his first campaign at the big league level, much like his old 3B competition, Rios. Since both these young studs are in their first big league season, let's compare the stats and soon just how alike they really are:

Trenidad Rios: 270/341/601. 27hrs, 70ribbies, 29/60 bb/k ratio in approx 300 at bats.

Moi. Guzman: 274/329/549. 25hrs, 66ribbies, 27/68 bb/k ratio in approx 370 at bats.

Separated at birth, indeed. And, it should be noted, that with 27 and 25 homers respectively, Rios and Guzman lead all of Capra third sackers in home runs, and they're just 23 and 22 years old. The future of Capra's 3B class has arrived. And they just may be secretly related.


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