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A Look at the Division Races & Post-Season Predictions

NL North: No news here. Fargo will cruise to their 9th straight division flag and is currently on pace for their best record yet, in spite of Ozuna, Henderson, etc. all getting old enough to need Viagra prescriptions. Minnesota looks very strong for the first wild card seed.

NL East: Chicago(formerly Atlanta) is on pace for their 8th straight division title, though Syracuse is coming on hot and heavy and currently just a game behind. This looks like the first time since S1 that this division will have two better-than-.500 teams in a race.

NL South: Little Rock has been leading El Paso by a nose all season long it seems. This is a close, two-pony race that should come down to the wire. Stay tuned.

NL West: Anaheim hosts a comfortable, eight-game lead, though, considering their collapse late last season, they're not likely to get complacent. Division-rival St. Louis features too many weapons and will be in the playoff hunt, one way or another, at season's end.

AL North: Montreal looks like a clinch for their 4th straight division crown with an 11-game lead and .700 win %. Scranton, though, is Capra's best 2nd place team(tied with Jackson @ 71 wins) and appears slated for an October invite.

AL East: San Juan and Boston again pace this division. The Express currently have a four-game lead on reclaiming their flag from seasons 4-7, which Boston interrupted last year. The Diego Santana Brigade needs to step it up either in the division or the wild card race.

AL South: Jackson's won the last 3 rounds here, but currently trail Montgomery by eight games. The Constitutions seem to have recaptured some of their early Capra magic when they won four of the first five division races(though never with a record this good @ .675). Jackson looks like a wild card berth.

AL West: Albuquerque's gonna make it seven straight here. No one else is over .500.

Playoff predictions, as of game 115:

NL Division Play-In Series
St. Louis beats Chicago
Little Rock beats Minnesota

AL Division Play-In Series
Albuquerque beats Scranton
Jackson beats San Juan

NL Division Championship Series
Fargo Beats Little Rock
Anaheim beats St. Louis

AL Division Championship Series
Montreal beats Jackson
Albuquerque beats Montgomery

NL Championship Series
Fargo beats Anaheim

AL Championship Series
Montreal beats Albuquerque

World Series
Montreal beats Fargo


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